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Sonnets Quotes

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Sonnets are guys writing in English, imitating an Italian song form. It was a form definitely sung as often as it was recited.

Tags: Often, Song, Writing  ✍ Author: Steve Earle

I have always wanted what I have now come to call the voice of personal narrative. That has always been the appealing voice in poetry. It started for me lyrically in Shakespeare's sonnets.

Tags: Personal, Poetry, Wanted  ✍ Author: Rick Wakeman

Some say that Cusk has no sense of humour, but expecting giggles from this writer would be akin to expecting sonnets from Benny Hill.

Tags: Expecting, Sense, Writer  ✍ Author: Julie Burchill

I write quite a lot of sonnets, and I think of them almost as prayers: short and memorable, something you can recite.

Tags: Almost, Short, Write  ✍ Author: Carol Ann Duffy

I used to write sonnets and various things, and moved from there into writing prose, which, incidentally, is a lot more interesting than poetry, including the rhythms of prose.

Tags: Poetry, Write, Writing  ✍ Author: Shelby Foote

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