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Steven Erikson's Quotes

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Born: 1959-10-07
Profession: Novelist
Nation: Canadian
Biography of Steven Erikson

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A story invites both writer and reader into a kind of superficial ease: we want to slide along, pleasingly entertained, lost in the fictional dream.

Tags: Dream, Lost, Story

I have to feel what I'm writing, right down to the core.

Tags: Core, Writing

The idea that an author can extricate her or his own ongoing life experience from the tale being written is a conceit of very little worth.

Tags: Experience, Her, Life

All art is an intensely vulnerable gesture, and it is made with no small amounts of risk, and fear. So, I have plenty of sympathy for self-defense mechanisms, especially among artists.

Tags: Art, Fear, Sympathy

Believe it or not, friendships are difficult to write in fiction. They can easily come across as forced, particularly if they involve too much explication and too many overt gestures of affection.

Tags: Affection, Difficult, Write

I've spoken often of how the fantasy genre is able to, with the greatest freedom among all the genres, take a metaphor and make it real. But of course that's only the starting point.

Tags: Freedom, Greatest, Real

When two people are paying close attention to each other, check out the others in the group and see who's observing. Human dynamics are amazing, but so much that you might learn is subconscious interplay.

Tags: Amazing, Human, Others
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