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Tactile Quotes

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I think newspapers shouldn't try to compete directly with the Web, and should do what they can do better, which may be long-form journalism and using photos and art, and making connections with large-form graphics and really enhancing the tactile experience of paper.

Tags: Art, Experience, May  ✍ Author: Dave Eggers

The guy who sits in front of the TV set with headphones on has lost the capacity to react to the tactile environment.

Tags: Front, Guy, Lost  ✍ Author: Peter Eisenman

I'm tactile, very tactile. A woman who has really nice, looked-after skin is such a turn-on for me. It's always sexy.

Tags: Nice, Sexy, Woman  ✍ Author: Idris Elba

I love building spaces: architecture, furniture, all of it, probably more than fashion. The development procedure is more tactile. It's about space and form and it's something you can share with other people.

Tags: Architecture, Fashion, Love  ✍ Author: Donna Karan

I think there are definitely two types of student: the academic kids and the 50% who fail. It's very clear to see - it's fact. We're not doing enough for those who fail; they need a more physical, tactile approach, involving people skills, team-building, problem-solving, building things.

Tags: Enough, Fact, Kids  ✍ Author: Jamie Oliver

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