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Tammy Baldwin's Quotes

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Born: 1962-02-11
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Tammy Baldwin

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Our constitutional liberties shall not be sacrificed in our search for greater security, for that is what our enemies and all enemies of freedom and democracy hope to achieve.

Tags: Democracy, Freedom, Hope

All my life, the naysayers have told me that I can't win because I'm a progressive... because I'm a woman... even because I'm a lesbian.

Tags: Life, Win, Woman

Americans are not saving enough for retirement.

Tags: Enough, Retirement, Saving

From day one, I have always been open about my sexual orientation.

Tags: Open, Sexual

I think that that integrity is something that is important to voters.

Tags: Integrity, Voters

It is hard to look the other way when a dictator is being so cruel and violent with his own people.

Tags: Cruel, Dictator, Hard

The U.S. routinely ranks lower than other countries in health outcomes such as infant mortality.

Tags: Countries, Health, Mortality

When I first ran for Congress in 1998, people counted me out.

Tags: Congress, Counted, Ran

I find it greatly disturbing that the Bush administration has used political and religious ideologies to influence national policy on science and medicine.

Tags: Political, Science, Used

I had a serious childhood illness - sort of like spinal meningitis - that led to a three-month hospitalization. Afterward, I couldn't be insured because of a pre-existing condition.

Tags: Childhood, Illness, Serious

I have no idea what goes on in another person's mind. As a legislator, I need to be good at persuading people, counting votes and getting to 50 percent plus one. I don't go back and say, 'Why did this person get to the right position?' It's only, 'Are you yes or are you no?'

Tags: Good, Mind, Why

I've decided to run for the U.S. Senate because I believe Wisconsin families need a senator who will work hard to deliver results for the middle class - a leader with the courage to do what's right, no matter how tough the odds or how powerful the special interests we have to fight.

Tags: Courage, Powerful, Work

In my grandfather's lab, scientists did independent research, and peers reviewed and commented on its merits. Politics, he taught me, had no place in the scientific process.

Tags: Place, Politics, Research

Politicians in Washington and Madison aren't hearing, aren't listening to their constituents and prioritizing getting people back to work and growing our economy.

Tags: Getting, Growing, Work
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