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Thermal Quotes

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On Earth, we still have a beautiful atmosphere that precisely maintains a thermally driven climatic system that shelters, shields and sustains our natural treasures.

Tags: Beautiful, Earth, System  ✍ Author: Jay Inslee

Our country has suffered from an on-again, off-again energy policy that has failed to get us to energy independence. As President Obama has said, we need a comprehensive energy plan for the country that includes conventional resources like oil and gas, but that also takes advantage of wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, and other renewable resources.

Tags: Country, Energy, Said  ✍ Author: Ken Salazar

Whether fuel cell system development in central Oregon, wind power generation along the Columbia Gorge, or geothermal energy in southern Oregon, investing in new energy sources makes America more energy independent while creating good paying, environmentally friendly jobs.

Tags: Friendly, Good, Power  ✍ Author: Greg Walden

All I know about thermal pollution is that if we continue our present rate of growth in electrical energy consumption it will simply take, by the year 2000, all our freshwater streams to cool the generators and reactors.

Tags: Cool, Energy, Year  ✍ Author: David R. Brower

We need to focus on green jobs: solar, wind, geothermal, biomass.There's so many opportunities. But other countries like China are getting ahead of the curve.

Tags: Focus, Getting, Wind  ✍ Author: Alexi Giannoulias

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