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Thia Megia's Quotes

Thia Megia profile photo

Born: 1995-01-30
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Thia Megia

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I am very excited about the future.

Tags: Excited, Future

I feel most comfortable keeping versatile when it comes to music genres.

Tags: Genres, Keeping, Music

I get nervous every time, for every single performance, before getting up on that stage.

Tags: Getting, Single, Time

I have many musical inspirations, but I would really love to just be me. My very own artist.

Tags: Artist, Love, Musical

I just like to think rather than talk. But I enjoy everyone's company.

Tags: Enjoy, Everyone, Talk

I try to reach out to my idols.

Tags: Idols, Reach, Try

I want to put my vibe and my feel of music into an album and have people from different places around the world feel that and hear that.

Tags: Hear, Music, Put

I would love to meet Kelly Clarkson and if I get the chance to I would tell her thank you so much for the inspiration.

Tags: Chance, Love, Tell

In the future, I see me as being my own artist and definitely not a ballad singer!

Tags: Artist, Future, Singer

Just knowing that through my music I actually inspire people is amazing for me and I find it very heartwarming.

Tags: Amazing, Knowing, Music

Once I'm on stage, the energy of the crowd wipes my nerves away.

Tags: Away, Energy, Once

Singing is my passion and I always wanted to travel the country.

Tags: Country, Passion, Travel

The best thing about being on tour is meeting the fans.

Tags: Best, Fans, Meeting

When I found out I was in the top 13 I was freaking out and crying it was such a joyous moment for me.

Tags: Found, Moment, Top

Describing the person I am would best be through music. When I'm up on stage and I'm singing my heart out, I am always reminded of life's best things.

Tags: Best, Life, Music

Feeling emotionally connected to a song, and accumulating every bit of the moment's energy to sing out to the audience is what I believe makes a great performer.

Tags: Energy, Feeling, Great

I prefer to sing in the shower 'cause the acoustics are really, really good, I mean, when you're singing against the tile walls then you really hear yourself, hear your voice, you know, throwing itself back at you.

Tags: Good, Mean, Yourself

If my life were a song it'd be called 'Here I Am' because here I am - I mean, I'm Thia and I'm here to me me, I'm here to express myself musically which I find is the best way to express myself.

Tags: Best, Life, Mean

The type of music that I love to sing would have to be more bluesy and jazzy and more soul-like 'cause I love to belt when it comes to singing, so I guess bigger songs are what I lean more towards.

Tags: Love, Music, Singing

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