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Twofold Quotes

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The type of fig leaf which each culture employs to cover its social taboos offers a twofold description of its morality. It reveals that certain unacknowledged behavior exists and it suggests the form that such behavior takes.

Tags: Behavior, Culture, Social  ✍ Author: Felix Adler

Our reason arises, at the very least, from this twofold lesson of sensuous revelations and human testimonies.

Tags: Human, Lesson, Reason  ✍ Author: Johann Georg Hamann

Man may be considered as having a twofold origin - natural, which is common and the same to all - patronymic, which belongs to the various families of which the whole human race is composed.

Tags: Human, May, Whole  ✍ Author: Wesley Clark

The dangers which threaten us are twofold: First, from the Confederate forces, composed of men whose earnest convictions and reckless bravery it is idle to deny.

Tags: Bravery, Men, Whose  ✍ Author: Robert Dale Owen

The trouble about man is twofold. He cannot learn truths which are too complicated; he forgets truths which are too simple.

Tags: Cannot, Learn, Simple  ✍ Author: Rebecca West

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