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Virginia Quotes

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I was just a bumpkin. Just a country bumpkin. I had just come to New York from Virginia. Or was it Baltimore?

Tags: Country, York  ✍ Author: Cass Elliot

I grew up in the segregated South, right here in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Tags: Here, South  ✍ Author: Jerry Falwell

I'm from Middlesboro, Ky., a little town on the Tennessee and Virginia border.

Tags: Border, Town  ✍ Author: Lee Majors

I am George Rogers Clark. You have just become a prisoner of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Tags: Become, Prisoner  ✍ Author: George Rogers Clark

When I'm at home in Virginia, I become more hermit-like. I like my own home.

Tags: Become, Home  ✍ Author: Robert Duvall

On most things except witch trials, Virginia will always have been first.

Tags: Except, Trials  ✍ Author: Morgan Griffith

The old charters of Massachusetts, Virginia, and the Carolinas had given title to strips of territory extending from the Atlantic westward to the Pacific.

Tags: Old, Title  ✍ Author: Albert Bushnell Hart

I can't think of a better place to be than Scottsville, Virginia.

Tags: Place  ✍ Author: Robert Hurt

At the risk of sounding like Virginia Woolf, I could live on £700 a year.

Tags: Risk, Year  ✍ Author: Ian Mcewan

I came from Mechanicsville, Virginia, where you have four seasons.

Tags: Four, Seasons  ✍ Author: Jason Mraz

Pocahontas was the reason the Virginia colony didn't disappear, unlike some earlier attempts.

Tags: Disappear, Reason  ✍ Author: Anwar Robinson

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