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Wayne Newton's Quotes

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Born: 1942-04-03
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Wayne Newton

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You have to go through those mountains and valleys - because that's what life is: soul growth.

Tags: Growth, Life, Soul

Sure, I've been a victim, but in retrospect, most of it has been of my own making. I allowed it to happen.

Tags: Happen, Making, Sure

I believe that fate is choices - it's not chance.

Tags: Chance, Choices, Fate

But one man never laughed. He was a giant among men. He was Bobby Darin and he was my friend.

Tags: Among, Friend, Men

I don't really believe in regrets.

Tags: Regrets

I love taking chances.

Tags: Chances, Love, Taking

I miss the personalization that Vegas was - there were showroom captains and all the dealers knew the gamblers by their first names.

Tags: Knew, Miss, Vegas

I've always had great faith in people.

Tags: Faith, Great

I've always had great faith in the Man Upstairs.

Tags: Faith, Great, Upstairs

If it were not for the bad things that've happened to me, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

Tags: Bad, Happened, Today

Las Vegas and I both grew up together, and all of a sudden I was doing things that no performer had ever done before.

Tags: Both, Done, Together

One night I went to see Bobby at the Flamingo. Because he was my hero, I would visit him for inspiration.

Tags: Hero, Him, Night

There's no room in my life for feeling sorry for myself.

Tags: Feeling, Life, Sorry

When I first met Elvis, we had so much in common and became fast friends.

Tags: Common, Fast, Friends

When you take of a man's time, you've taken a part of his life.

Tags: Life, Taken, Time

You can take of a man's money, but when it's all said and done, you've only taken his money.

Tags: Done, Money, Said

To me luxury is to be at home with my daughter, and the occasional massage doesn't hurt.

Tags: Home, Hurt, Parenting

I'm happy, and I think being happy keeps you looking young.

Tags: Happy, Looking, Young

I live every day to its fullest extent and I don't sweat the small stuff.

Tags: Fullest, Small, Stuff

I love life and nothing intimidates me anymore.

Tags: Anymore, Life, Love

My memories are inside me - they're not things or a place - I can take them anywhere.

Tags: Inside, Memories, Place

I love that quiet time when nobody's up and the animals are all happy to see me.

Tags: Happy, Love, Time

Family, nature and health all go together.

Tags: Family, Health, Nature
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Nature is the most beautiful thing we have. It's better than art because it's from the creator.

Tags: Art, Beautiful, Nature

I don't know what my path is yet. I'm just walking on it.

Tags: Path, Walking

I simply have a marvellous life, a very lucky life.

Tags: Life, Lucky, Simply

Nothing I have done professionally will top the feeling I got when singing with John Farnham at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

Tags: Done, Feeling, Games

The only weights I lift are my dogs.

Tags: Dogs, Fitness, Lift

We print 37 million copies, and we found out about the unfortunate news as we were putting the issue to bed.

Tags: Bed, Found, News