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I taught in a small teacher's college for three or four years, at which point all the administrators got a pay raise and the teaching faculty didn't.

Tags: College, Small, Teacher  ✍ Author: David Eddings

I'm convinced many of America's heroes are public school teachers and administrators. Many of these people do what they do because of their faith.

Tags: America, Faith, School  ✍ Author: Adam Hamilton

I'm not a detail guy. I depend on accountants and administrators to do my detail stuff for me, but I do know the overall picture and I know that if you put business people together in a room, not just politicians, they could shrink the deficit tremendously by good business tactics.

Tags: Business, Good, Together  ✍ Author: John Paul DeJoria

Big Linux deployments have reached the point where it's become a real problem for administrators that they don't have nice tools to manage their servers and desktops.

Tags: Nice, Problem, Real  ✍ Author: Nat Friedman

As far as we were concerned, we were operators, we were administrators. I don't ever recall going to Dean Acheson and asking for any counsel or advice on administration, but I had the greatest respect for him, as I have today.

Tags: Greatest, Respect, Today  ✍ Author: Dustin Hoffman

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Administrators quote #2
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