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One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.

Tags: Exciting, Making  ✍ Author: A. A. Milne

I don't think that sleeping with one of the owners gives you the advantages people think it does.

Tags: Owners, Sleeping  ✍ Author: Paula Yates

Women are from their very infancy debarred those Advantages with the want of which they are afterwards reproached.

Tags: Afterwards, Women  ✍ Author: Mary Astell

One of the advantages of my profession is I come into contact with many people.

Tags: Contact, Profession  ✍ Author: Gerard Depardieu

No advantages in this world are pure and unmixed.

Tags: Pure  ✍ Author: David Hume

Calculation has its advantages, but no one likes naked calculation.

Tags: Likes  ✍ Author: Rich Lowry

People with advantages are loath to believe that they just happen to be people with advantages.

Tags: Happen  ✍ Author: C. Wright Mills

I think there are advantages to different scales of filmmaking. You wouldn't want to do just one thing.

Tags: Filmmaking, Scales  ✍ Author: Christopher Nolan

Being a novelty had its advantages.

Tags: Novelty  ✍ Author: Jessica Savitch

The world is ruled only by consideration of advantages.

Tags: Ruled  ✍ Author: Friedrich Schiller

There is here, as in all countries, advantages and disadvantages.

Tags: Countries, Here  ✍ Author: Nathaniel Smith

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