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Amber Rose's Quotes

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Born: 1983-10-21
Profession: Model
Nation: American
Biography of Amber Rose

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Me being a compassionate person, I would never hold any grudges against my ex.

Tags: Against, Grudges, Hold

I love to eat and I don't believe in denying myself, so I have to work out. I'm not obsessed with it, I don't have a trainer or do any of the fancy classes, but I usually put on my iPod and run on the treadmill for an hour a few days a week.

Tags: Love, Put, Work

I'm not a DJ, I don't know how to scratch and I don't know how to mix, but I do know how to party. One of my jobs is actually to travel the world and party.

Tags: Actually, Party, Travel

I've always felt that when you use too many products or try too many new things, you're just piling a lot of unnatural, unnecessary stress on your face. I try to keep it simple.

Tags: Simple, Stress, Try

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Amber Rose's quote #2
Amber Rose's quote #2
Amber Rose's quote #2
Amber Rose's quote #2