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I don't sit there and speculate. I'm not that sort of person. It wastes time, actually.

Tags: Sit, Time  ✍ Author: Kate Adie

Pop is actually my least favorite kind of music, because it lacks real depth.

Tags: Music, Real  ✍ Author: Christina Aguilera

I think they say that when you're breast feeding, you know, your weight kind of slims down. It's a little easier. It's like a workout within itself. It's very tiring actually and you find yourself snacking more often.

Tags: Often, Yourself  ✍ Author: Christina Aguilera

Actually, I don't hate cats, I'm just kind of afraid of them.

Tags: Afraid, Hate  ✍ Author: Clay Aiken

I actually have a young readers' series that I wanna do, kind of in the same lane as a Harry Potter or Narnia or Twilight. I want to write stuff like that.

Tags: Write, Young  ✍ Author: Jhene Aiko

I fully expected that, by the end of the century, we would have achieved substantially more than we actually did.

Tags: Century, End  ✍ Author: Neil Armstrong

I thought the attractions of being an astronaut were actually, not so much the Moon, but flying in a completely new medium.

Tags: Moon, Thought  ✍ Author: Neil Armstrong

In fact, allowing immigrants to have licenses actually improves homeland security by allowing our government to track who is in our borders.

Tags: Fact, Government  ✍ Author: Joe Baca

I'm not always up to date on everything that's going on, but I am somewhat informed. I listen to NPR. And I actually watch Fox News, because I believe, if you just listen to the things that agree with you, you're not really seeing anything else.

Tags: Else, Listen  ✍ Author: Morena Baccarin

Actually I dance really well on the floor.

Tags: Dance, Floor  ✍ Author: Oksana Baiul

We actually have a real community of people doing useful things.

Tags: Community, Real  ✍ Author: Kenny Baker

I think some of the special effects in Close Encounters hold up better than the new more expensive special effects is because they were better actually.

Tags: Hold, Special  ✍ Author: Bob Balaban

I think we can allow the therapeutic uses of nuclear transplant technology, which we call cloning, without running the danger of actually having live human beings born.

Tags: Human, Technology  ✍ Author: David Baltimore

When we talk about stem cells, we are actually talking about a complicated series of things, including adult stem cells which are largely cells devoted to replacing individual tissues like blood elements or liver or even the brain.

Tags: Brain, Talk  ✍ Author: David Baltimore

Actually freestyle really comes from 'Planet Rock'. If you listen to all the freestyle records you'll hear that they are based on 'Planet Rock'. All the Miami Bass records are based upon Planet Rock.

Tags: Listen, Rock  ✍ Author: Afrika Bambaataa

The reason my kids come to the set is so I can actually see them.

Tags: Kids, Reason  ✍ Author: Eric Bana

I've wanted to do it for years, but every attempt at it has turned into another tune. We have actually taken a different approach, we're doing a lot of sampling - we're even sampling bits of Flash!

Tags: Another, Wanted  ✍ Author: Lynne Reid Banks

I loved planning 'The Tyra Show' more than actually having to do it. I loved coming up with show ideas, honing each program and crafting it. I'm more excited being in a meeting than being on TV.

Tags: Loved, Show  ✍ Author: Tyra Banks

I think the most important factor in getting out of the recession actually is just the regenerative capacity of - of American capitalism.

Tags: American, Getting  ✍ Author: Warren Buffett
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I don't have kids, but in many ways I feel I've had them already. I don't want to say I raised my brothers - that sounds too strong - but actually I do feel like that a bit.

Tags: Kids, Strong  ✍ Author: Meg Cabot

I actually find extroversion to be a really appealing personality style.

Tags: Appealing, Style  ✍ Author: Jonathan Cain

I use a lot of old-fashioned expressions.

Tags: Amazed, Appear  ✍ Author: Jonathan Cain

I actually wanted to be a writer long before I wanted to be an actor.

Tags: Actor, Wanted  ✍ Author: Simon Callow

Ballet is completely unnatural to the body, just being turned-out... it's not the way your body is supposed to function, so you actually train your body to be a different structure than you were born with.

Tags: Body, Born  ✍ Author: Neve Campbell

I want to try out for Playmate actually. I talked to one of the photographers about doing test shots.

Tags: Test, Try  ✍ Author: Trishelle Cannatella

I hope to actually get back to painting someday... soon. I sort of transitioned into cartooning from painting.

Tags: Hope, Painting  ✍ Author: Joseph Cannon

I was actually raised around a lot of children. So, I'm very comfortable around children.

Tags: Children, Raised  ✍ Author: Nick Cannon

I am not a violent person. I actually don't like to hurt people.

Tags: Hurt, Violent  ✍ Author: Gina Carano

I worked for some very good people who have helped me along the way and actually enabled me to have the opportunity to be selected to join the Astronaut Corps.

Tags: Along, Good  ✍ Author: Duane G. Carey

One of the jokes on our flight is that, if we have a normal entry day going, the plan is for me... to actually take the orbiter first and fly it for maybe 10 or 15 seconds and then hand it on over to Scooter.

Tags: Hand, Plan  ✍ Author: Duane G. Carey

I think what has happened, actually, is that September 11 has given a spur, a renewed urgency, to dialogue between the great faiths.

Tags: Between, Great  ✍ Author: George Carey

There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.

Tags: Three, Wish  ✍ Author: Dale Carnegie

One who sees the Supersoul accompanying the individual soul in all bodies and who understands that neither the soul nor the Supersoul is ever destroyed, actually sees.

Tags: Individual, Soul  ✍ Author: Winston Churchill

I don't know many singers who actually do like the sound of their own voice.

Tags: Sound, Voice  ✍ Author: Roger Daltrey

A critic is someone who never actually goes to the battle, yet who afterwards comes out shooting the wounded.

Tags: Battle, Someone  ✍ Author: Tyne Daly

I actually haven't been approached a whole lot for television, believe it or not.

Tags: Television, Whole  ✍ Author: Claire Danes

When you make a 3-D movie you actually have to plan the way the visuals look because there's a parallax issue, and there's an issue of editing; you can't edit very quickly in 3-D because the eye won't adjust fast enough for it.

Tags: Enough, Plan  ✍ Author: Joe Dante

I just did something on a show on UPN called 'Girlfriends' that will be on television in February. I am actually a much better actor today than I was in 1996, believe it or not.

Tags: Show, Today  ✍ Author: Christopher Darden

Actually, I wanted to be an actor when I was two years old.

Tags: Old, Wanted  ✍ Author: Keith David

Actually I walk around with the Emmy wherever I go, but I'm very casual about it.

Tags: Walk, Wherever  ✍ Author: Larry David

A distinguished producer called Kenith Trodd actually lived in his office for over a year - the cleaners refused to go in because it was such a tip.

Tags: Office, Year  ✍ Author: Andrew Davies

I actually think some of the rappers can help our image, because the thing I'm concerned about is the NBA's image. I always want our image to be on the rise, and if the rappers can help young players get business-minded, then I'm all for it.

Tags: Help, Young  ✍ Author: Antonio Davis

Although being economics editor sounds impressive, it does not mean I actually edit anything. It mainly reflects two decades of title-inflation at the BBC, which has given ever more status to senior reporters, presumably because it is cheaper to do that than to offer higher pay.

Tags: Mean, Pay  ✍ Author: Evan Davis

Britain, however, has ended up specialising in the ones you don't see as much of: defence aerospace, making drive shafts for cars, pills and drugs, designing chips that go into 94 per cent of the world's mobile phones. And so there's a danger that because it doesn't have a British flag on it, people won't realise that we actually do produce value.

Tags: Making, Value  ✍ Author: Evan Davis

I actually profoundly think the world's a better place when economics is fairly boring... The more boring the better.

Tags: Boring, Place  ✍ Author: Evan Davis

People think that at the end of the day a man is the only answer. Actually, a fulfilling job is better for me.

Tags: End, Job  ✍ Author: Princess Diana

I started, actually, to make my first animated cartoon in 1920. Of course, they were very crude things then and I used sort of little puppet things.

Tags: Started, Used  ✍ Author: Walt Disney

I'm actually very good with Home Depot-handy type of paintwork.

Tags: Good, Home  ✍ Author: Michael Ealy

Actually, in its purest form, Islam is incredibly tolerant. That makes what's going on in the world really bizarre.

Tags: Islam, Makes  ✍ Author: Steve Earle

And after I started working for the Bureau, most of my translation duties included translations of documents and investigations that actually started way before 9/11.

Tags: After, Working  ✍ Author: Kenneth Edmonds

I'm actually one of those people who get up energetic in the morning.

Tags: Energetic, Morning  ✍ Author: Elizabeth Edwards

I think it's fine for girls to ask boys out. I actually prefer it.

Tags: Ask, Fine  ✍ Author: Zac Efron

I had this idea that I could hire myself out as a person to go on archeological digs and dig, without any training! I actually wrote to a number of archeology departments and offered up my services.

Tags: Idea, Training  ✍ Author: Jennifer Egan

The consequences of a collapse would not be pretty. Whichever country precipitated it - Germany by threatening to abandon the euro, or Greece or Spain by actually doing so - would trigger economic chaos and incur its neighbours' wrath.

Tags: Country, Pretty  ✍ Author: Robert. L. Ehrlich

Texas hold 'em is all about folding and waiting for that time that comes up every hour or two where you actually have an advantage and you can press it.

Tags: Time, Waiting  ✍ Author: David Einhorn

The scariest people to turn a movie over to are always the people who are drawing up the poster, because that's the first impression it's going to make. And very often it's portraying a very different film from the one the actors actually did.

Tags: Film, Often  ✍ Author: Jesse Eisenberg

I am actually going to two therapists right now. I don't know, I actually feel like therapy has just made me more uncomfortable.

Tags: Therapists, Therapy  ✍ Author: Jesse Eisenberg

It's actually quite criminal how 'The Wire' was systematically ignored.

Tags: Ignored, Quite  ✍ Author: Idris Elba

Every known fact in natural science was divined by the presentiment of somebody, before it was actually verified.

Tags: Fact, Science  ✍ Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson

If the U.S. Government was a company, the deficit would be $5 trillion because they would have to account by general accepted accounting principles. But actually they encourage government spending, reckless government spending, because the government can issue Treasury bills at extremely low interest rates.

Tags: Company, Government  ✍ Author: Marc Faber

I actually washed my window once, and it fell through - it was being held together by the dirt.

Tags: Once, Together  ✍ Author: Edie Falco

Actually, what will be shown from here to eternity will be Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr cavorting on the beach. 'From Here to Eternity' must have seemed like a chore to its director, Fred Zinnemann.

Tags: Director, Here  ✍ Author: Manny Farber

I didn't think then, and I still don't, that I was actually sick.

Tags: Sick  ✍ Author: Frances Farmer

'Walking the Bible' describes the year that I spent retracing the five books of Moses through the desert, and I was actually working on a follow-up, which would look at the rest of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.

Tags: Working, Year  ✍ Author: Bruce Feiler

Though public pronouncements of Israeli officials emphasize peace and mutuality, unilateralism actually drives Israeli actions.

Tags: Peace, Public  ✍ Author: Douglas Feith

It's funny; I actually made poorer decisions when I sobered up then when I was screwed up.

Tags: Decisions, Funny  ✍ Author: Corey Feldman

Ninety-eight per cent of actors who actually make a living do so in front of a camera.

Tags: Camera, Living  ✍ Author: Julian Fellowes

I have met a couple of six-year-olds who were apparently quite excited to meet me - before they actually met me. And when they actually met me they ran behind their parents' legs and cowered for shelter.

Tags: Parents, Quite  ✍ Author: Tom Felton

There's just a feeling you get from certain things you do in life that just kind of feel pure and independent of what's actually, physically, going on.

Tags: Feeling, Life  ✍ Author: Craig Ferguson

Actually, most things I say in public lead more or less directly to my own compositional practice, so I should be careful about generalizing lest they come back to haunt me.

Tags: Less, Public  ✍ Author: Brian Ferneyhough

If you walk into any bookstore, you can look at the newsstands and see which magazines are nationally-distributed, and you recognize certain names. Same with television. With the blogsphere, however, you actually have to dig, and know how to use multiple tools to figure out whom you should be speaking to.

Tags: Television, Walk  ✍ Author: Timothy Ferriss

I'm always wondering: Have all these time-saving devices actually saved us any time, or have they just created a million fetishes and obsessions that keep us from the quiet half hour we should be taking to sit and do nothing every day?

Tags: Keep, Time  ✍ Author: Mark Feuerstein

But actually just yesterday we raised the key of one of my songs two steps up, so my voice is obviously responding. It's a muscle, and the more you use it, the more you use it right, the more you should get out of it. So yes, I sing.

Tags: Songs, Voice  ✍ Author: Harvey Fierstein

Actually, I think the average voice is like 70 percent tone and 30 percent noise. My voice is 95 percent noise.

Tags: Percent, Voice  ✍ Author: Harvey Fierstein

I actually pray everyday, but I don't believe in God.

Tags: Everyday, God  ✍ Author: Harvey Fierstein

I've actually stopped tinting my windows because the paparazzi look for trucks and cars with supertinted windows.

Tags: Cars, Windows  ✍ Author: Megan Fox

I was incredibly intimidated playing Lincoln Lee in the alternate universe, which was the first role I played on 'Fringe' because I was actually the head of a Fringe division and the head of a unit that was going out and I had to lead entire SWAT teams of people. I really questioned in myself, 'Can I carry that responsibility?'

Tags: Playing, Universe  ✍ Author: Seth Gabel

When I was a kid, we actually lived in a house that had been divided in two at one point, which meant that one room in our house opened up onto a brick wall. And I was convinced all I had to do was just open it the right way and it wouldn't be a brick wall. So I'd sidle over to the door and I'd pull it open.

Tags: Door, Point  ✍ Author: Neil Gaiman

Actually, I used to be a busboy in a strip joint in New York and so I hate strip joints. I'm not that kind of person.

Tags: Hate, Used  ✍ Author: Zach Galifianakis

Actually, my favourite roles have been in theatre, but on TV, my faves were Slap Maxwell and Larry Sanders.

Tags: Theatre, Tv  ✍ Author: Megan Gallagher

These fledgling democracies in the Middle East, they're actually fighting for their freedom. And what are they rioting for in England? Leisurewear.

Tags: Fighting, Freedom  ✍ Author: Noel Gallagher

Even if you only counted the votes that actually made it through the hoops in order to be cast, the president was really Al Gore.

Tags: Order, President  ✍ Author: George Galloway

I knew we were going to marry someday, but I was absolutely surprised when he actually proposed. And surprised he had bought a ring. I ran around the yard screaming.

Tags: Knew, Marry  ✍ Author: Jennifer Garner

So you're dealing with a coach, and you're dealing with a guy who's actually experienced NBA basketball from a player's perspective and actually goes about it that way.

Tags: Basketball, Guy  ✍ Author: Kevin Garnett

I actually was class clown, but I don't know how that happened because I've never been considered an outwardly funny person-as the people in this room will attest.

Tags: Funny, Happened  ✍ Author: Janeane Garofalo

I actually was class clown, but I don't know how that happened because I've never been considered an outwardly funny person.

Tags: Funny, Happened  ✍ Author: Janeane Garofalo

Actually, I have my own charity that I started that helps supplement families with terminal children.

Tags: Children, Started  ✍ Author: Brad Garrett

If you can actually count your money, then you're not a rich man.

Tags: Money, Rich  ✍ Author: J. Paul Getty

Perhaps at a later point important developments will be traced back to September 11. But for now we do not know which of the many scenarios will actually hold in the future.

Tags: Future, Point  ✍ Author: Jurgen Habermas

You don't always have to show art in what's called a white box; you can have a kind of complexity within an exhibit which actually respects the art as well.

Tags: Art, Show  ✍ Author: Zaha Hadid

I love driving around east London - it's always full of surprises. Actually, I don't drive myself - I like to be driven.

Tags: Full, Love  ✍ Author: Zaha Hadid

I was actually very ugly. I was ugly. I felt very insecure.

Tags: Insecure, Ugly  ✍ Author: Jessica Hahn

I'd definitely pose nude again. No qualms. I actually had my breasts done again. Just updated, like new tires.

Tags: Again, Done  ✍ Author: Jessica Hahn

Actually, I'm an overnight success, but it took twenty years.

Tags: Success, Took  ✍ Author: Monty Hall

We incorporate various electronic devices - the echo plugs and things like that. Actually, all we're trying to do is make that sound musical. As opposed to just making sounds, we do musical things with them.

Tags: Making, Trying  ✍ Author: Chico Hamilton

I've been writing stories since I was 12. 'Writer's Digest' was one of my writing teachers, actually.

Tags: Since, Writing  ✍ Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

If I can be cruel; I'm not a big fan of the Audi R8, actually.

Tags: Big, Cruel  ✍ Author: Richard Hammond

Mainstream cinema raises questions only to immediately provide an answer to them, so they can send the spectator home reassured. If we actually had those answers, then society would appear very different from what it is.

Tags: Home, Society  ✍ Author: Michael Haneke

The vast majority of human beings dislike and even actually dread all notions with which they are not familiar... Hence it comes about that at their first appearance innovators have generally been persecuted, and always derided as fools and madmen.

Tags: Human, Majority  ✍ Author: Aldous Huxley

I actually just started home schooling. And it is great.

Tags: Great, Home  ✍ Author: Robert Iler

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