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Over the years, dozens of American companies have filed papers to trade in their U.S. corporate citizenship for citizenship in tax haven countries like Bermuda.

Tags: American, Countries, Tax  ✍ Author: Richard Neal

Our chemical and other manufacturing concerns are all too often ready to let the Germans have Latin American markets, provided the American companies can work out an arrangement which will enable them to charge high prices to the consumer inside the United States.

Tags: American, Often, Work  ✍ Author: Henry A. Wallace

One of the great dilemmas for America will be that American companies will do very well while American workers might not.

Tags: America, American, Great  ✍ Author: Fareed Zakaria

China has legally purchased high performance computers, advanced machine tools, and semiconductor-manufacturing equipment from several American companies.

Tags: American, Computers, High  ✍ Author: Charles Foster Bass

Indeed, American companies make three times as much profits from their investment in one E.U. country, Ireland, than they do from all their investments in China.

Tags: American, Country, Times  ✍ Author: John Bruton

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American Companies quote #2
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