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Andrew Young's Quotes

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Born: 1932-03-12
Profession: Clergyman
Nation: American
Biography of Andrew Young

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My hope for my children must be that they respond to the still, small voice of God in their own hearts.

Tags: Children, God, Hope

Nothing is illegal if one hundred businessmen decide to do it.

Tags: Decide, Hundred, Illegal

It is a blessing to die for a cause, because you can so easily die for nothing.

Tags: Blessing, Cause, Die

I have about concluded that wealth is a state of mind, and that anyone can acquire a wealthy state of mind by thinking rich thoughts.

Tags: Mind, Thinking, Thoughts

Civil rights leaders are involved in helping poor people. That's what I've been doing all my life.

Tags: Life, Poor, Rights

In a world where change is inevitable and continuous, the need to achieve that change without violence is essential for survival.

Tags: Achieve, Change, Violence

Moral power is probably best when it is not used. The less you use it the more you have.

Tags: Best, Moral, Power

To find people who don't want anything is rare.

Tags: Rare

I tried. But not everybody thought so.

Tags: Everybody, Thought, Tried

If you're a preacher, you talk for a living, so even if you don't make sense, you learn to make nonsense eloquently.

Tags: Living, Sense, Talk

Influence is like a savings account. The less you use it, the more you've got.

Tags: Influence, Less, Savings

Look at those they call unfortunate and at a closer view, you'll find many of them are unwise.

Tags: Call, Closer, View

No one who's white thinks he's innocent. No one who's black thinks he's guilty.

Tags: Black, Guilty, Innocent

On the soft bed of luxury many kingdoms have expired.

Tags: Bed, Luxury, Soft

Once the Xerox copier was invented, diplomacy died.

Tags: Died, Diplomacy, Once

President Jimmy Carter was a citizen soldier. Ironically, he was considered weak because he didn't kill anybody and he didn't get anyone killed.

Tags: Anyone, President, Soldier

The commercialization of sport is the democratization of sport.

Tags: Fool, Men, Work

We rise in glory as we sink in pride.

Tags: Glory, Pride, Rise

Wishing of all strategies, is the worst.

Tags: Strategies, Wishing, Worst

I have committed my life to helping the poor, and I believe that if more companies followed Wal-Mart's lead in providing opportunity and savings to those who need it most, more Americans battling poverty would realize the American dream.

Tags: Life, Poor, Poverty
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