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My mother was the total influence. My father was what we call a nomadic person; he was a wanderer.

Tags: Father, Mother  ✍ Author: Danny Aiello

It's not the money. It's not the fame. It's the influence.

Tags: Fame, Money  ✍ Author: Clay Aiken

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

Tags: Clothes, Society  ✍ Author: Mark Twain

My first influence obviously was Picasso.

Tags: Obviously, Picasso  ✍ Author: David Bailey

We speculate as to what is in store for us. But we not only undergo events, we in part cause them or at least influence their course. We have not only to study them but to act.

Tags: Act, Study  ✍ Author: Emily Greene Balch

I guess subconsciously that all the great people you work with have an influence on you.

Tags: Great, Work  ✍ Author: Eric Bana

The herd seek out the great, not for their sake but for their influence; and the great welcome them out of vanity or need.

Tags: Great, Welcome  ✍ Author: Napoleon Bonaparte

I think the one person that has the most influence on me is the Lord.

Tags: Lord  ✍ Author: Melky Cabrera

The forced influence of advertising has given us completely useless TV. You don't want that on the Net. But most on-line information providers need to attract advertising - which slows download times and clutters the screen with windows.

Tags: Times, Useless  ✍ Author: Robert Cailliau

Childhood didn't have a big influence on me, really - in fact I spent most of it plotting how to escape.

Tags: Big, Fact  ✍ Author: Simon Callow

The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret.

Tags: Remained, Secret  ✍ Author: Salvador Dali

Also, people are not often aware of the way the United States' policies influence what happens in places like Haiti or El Salvador or Nicaragua. Or in Columbia right now.

Tags: Happens, Often  ✍ Author: Edwidge Danticat

It's not just for its influence on us, but to know that we can play a part in it, to understand the influence that we have outside our own existence.

Tags: Existence, Understand  ✍ Author: Russell T Davies

I like the influence of the macabre, but I don't believe in ghosts.

Tags: Ghosts  ✍ Author: Sophie Ellis Bextor

In every religion there is an element of the supernatural, varying with the influence of pure reason over its devotees.

Tags: Reason, Religion  ✍ Author: Charles Eastman

We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.

Tags: Against, Whether  ✍ Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower

I am inspired by show girls and Vegas. I was a cabaret performer, so that's where all that influence comes from.

Tags: Inspired, Show  ✍ Author: Paloma Faith

I believe that for the small numbers of Jewish people in the United States, they exercise a tremendous amount of influence on the affairs of government.

Tags: Government, Small  ✍ Author: Louis Farrakhan

The arts are very alive in Ireland, so that had its influence on me. But I consider myself European, really.

Tags: Alive, Consider  ✍ Author: Michael Fassbender

Well, Grover Washington was my main influence and when I went to college, I started listening to more of the jazz masters like Sonny Rollins, Cannonball Adderley, and John Coltrane.

Tags: College, Started  ✍ Author: Kenny G

Smokey Robinson is one of my heroes as a singer and songwriter; a major influence on my own music from the very start.

Tags: Music, Start  ✍ Author: Daryl Hall

Writers write to influence their readers, their preachers, their auditors, but always, at bottom, to be more themselves.

Tags: Themselves, Write  ✍ Author: Aldous Huxley

I will absolutely say that Johnny Ramone was a huge influence on me. I'm a giant Ramones fan.

Tags: Fan, Giant  ✍ Author: Scott Ian

No faction is better or worse than any other. All come from the same mould; they are all products of capitalist influence in the working class movement. And they are a poison that destroys our Party and the working class movement in Korea.

Tags: Party, Working  ✍ Author: Kim Jong Il

I don't see myself as being as big of an influence as other people seem to think.

Tags: Big, Seem  ✍ Author: Marc Jacobs
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Coming from Haiti and growing up in Brooklyn, there's a lot of European influence when I get dressed up. I wear a lot of fitted suits, elegant cuts; I think it's cool to mash up a lot of different looks.

Tags: Cool, Growing  ✍ Author: Wyclef Jean

I never had the influence of any other singer in my music, so I sounded like myself all the time.

Tags: Music, Time  ✍ Author: Kiri Te Kanawa

I was raised with a huge Armenian influence, always hearing stories of Armenia, celebrating Armenian holidays.

Tags: Holidays, Stories  ✍ Author: Kim Kardashian

More and more people in my country recognise the dangers of having their governors appointed by Putin and having no influence in parliament because Parliament today is also following instructions from Kremlin and no longer represents its people.

Tags: Country, Today  ✍ Author: John Kasich

When Hegel later became a man of influence' he insisted that the Jews should be granted equal rights because civic rights belong to man because he is a man and not on account of his ethnic origins or his religion.

Tags: Religion, Rights  ✍ Author: Walter Kaufmann

Bowie's been a huge influence on me.

Tags: Bowie, Huge  ✍ Author: Adam Lambert

I think I'm more influenced, just in general, not by blues artists, but more by stuff from Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder is probably my biggest musical influence of all. And Donny Hathaway.

Tags: Stuff, Wonder  ✍ Author: Jonny Lang

More than ever before, consumers have the ability to unify their voices and coalesce their buying power to influence corporate behaviors.

Tags: Ability, Power  ✍ Author: Daniel Mainwaring

The leverage and influence social media gives citizens are rapidly spreading into the business world.

Tags: Business, Social  ✍ Author: Daniel Mainwaring

My father was an exceptionally strong influence on me.

Tags: Father, Strong  ✍ Author: John Malkovich

Dreams have as much influence as actions.

Tags: Actions, Dreams  ✍ Author: John Malkovich

Leadership is influence.

Tags: Leadership  ✍ Author: Andre Maurois

I don't like to think about being an influence. It's embarrassing.

 ✍ Author: Bruce Nauman

Things get so sloppy when you're under the influence.

Tags: Sloppy  ✍ Author: Tatum O\'Neal

Advertising reflects the mores of society, but it does not influence them.

Tags: Reflects, Society  ✍ Author: David Ogilvy

I believe my father has and always will be the strongest influence in my life, as he has guided me on many paths.

Tags: Father, Life  ✍ Author: Apolo Ohno

There is no influence like the influence of habit.

Tags: Habit  ✍ Author: Gilbert Parker

If you're from a certain generation, you basically learn to read with 'Peanuts.' It's sort of the template for the modern strip. Its influence ceased to be noticed because it's in everything.

Tags: Learn, Read  ✍ Author: Stephan Pastis

I'm a spiritual person, I'm an America, I'm a Jew, and all of those things influence every breath I take, everywhere I go.

Tags: America, Spiritual  ✍ Author: Mandy Patinkin

To this day the Arab influence is evident in southern Italy, northern Africa and, above all, in Spain.

Tags: Above, Africa  ✍ Author: Carroll Quigley

The failure of Christianity in the areas west from Sicily was even greater, and was increased by the spread of Arab outlooks and influence to that area, and especially to Spain.

Tags: Failure, Greater  ✍ Author: Carroll Quigley

We all have very personal relationships to what happened on 9/11 and the events after tracking Osama bin Laden. Nobody can escape from the influence of that.

Tags: After, Personal  ✍ Author: Edgar Ramirez

We love the ability of the people to influence the actions of decision-makers, of lawmakers and presidents to be removed from or elevated to office by the will of voters, and of the community to connect amongst diverse populations through the ballot box.

Tags: Love, Office  ✍ Author: Charles Rangel

The things that concern us during the day are going to influence what we experience during the night.

Tags: Experience, Night  ✍ Author: Henry Reed

Whenever it's suggested that our sponsors have some kind of influence or control of what we cover in some kind of censorship through financial pressure, it's rubbish. That's never happened.

Tags: Control, Financial  ✍ Author: Morley Safer

The Italian prose tale had begun to exercise that influence as early as Chaucer's time: but circumstances and atmosphere were as yet unfavourable for its growth.

Tags: Growth, Time  ✍ Author: George Saintsbury

That's the trouble with trying to influence an undecided voter. First you have to find one.

Tags: Trouble, Trying  ✍ Author: Pat Sajak

I never like to get political, but when you have the ability, through your media, to influence a large mass of people, I would want to be a part of the evolving cycle of progress vs. keeping things the way that they are.

Tags: Political, Progress  ✍ Author: Zoe Saldana

Doolittle was a major influence on the Seattle grunge scene, which emerged in the early 1990s.

Tags: Early, Scene  ✍ Author: Joey Santiago

Sergio Leone was a big influence on me because of the spaghetti westerns.

Tags: Big, Spaghetti  ✍ Author: Quentin Tarantino

There is incredible power in the arts to inspire and influence.

Tags: Arts, Power  ✍ Author: Julie Taymor

If I can help and influence girls who are going through body-image issues then I think that's amazing.

Tags: Amazing, Help  ✍ Author: Kate Upton

There would never have been a British Ballet without Diaghilev. He had a wonderful influence.

Tags: Ballet, Wonderful  ✍ Author: Ninette de Valois

There was a writer in the '20s called Christopher Morley, who I remember a little bit of, who had some influence on me, but I couldn't tell you what it was.

Tags: Remember, Tell  ✍ Author: Jack Vance

I influence anybody who is able to get through the chaos of my first impression.

Tags: Able, Chaos  ✍ Author: Gary Vaynerchuk

The U.S. along with China, Japan, South Korea and Russia has an important role to play in containing North Korea's nuclear ambitions and exerting all the influence we can possibly exert.

Tags: Along, Role  ✍ Author: Zach Wamp

The United States form a young republic, a confederacy which ought ever to be cemented by a union of interests and affection, under the influence of those principles which obtained their independence.

Tags: Union, Young  ✍ Author: Mercy Otis Warren

If you examine this, I think that you will find that it's the mechanics of Japanese architecture that have been thought of as the direct influence upon our architecture.

Tags: Direct, Thought  ✍ Author: Minoru Yamasaki

I am also well aware that literature only has a minimal influence on political disputes or economic crises in the world, but its significance to human beings is ancient.

Tags: Human, Political  ✍ Author: Mo Yan

In the latter half of the last century the impact of the expanding influence of Western culture and economic system brought about in China a severe conflict.

Tags: Culture, Last  ✍ Author: Chen Ning Yang

Warhol was definitely an inspiration when I was younger. I wouldn't quantify his sort of influence. I've been influenced by nature and science, and I've been influenced by people like Ernst and Rauschenberg, Cornell and Bosch and Bruegel, by writers like Haruki Murakami to Pablo Neruda to Artaud.

Tags: Nature, Science  ✍ Author: Dustin Yellin

Influence is like a savings account. The less you use it, the more you've got.

Tags: Less, Savings  ✍ Author: Andrew Young

I think the fact that I created something and had an enormous influence is indisputable.

Tags: Created, Fact  ✍ Author: La Monte Young

Politics and power is a realm of relative influence.

Tags: Politics, Power  ✍ Author: Fareed Zakaria

American influence is not what it used to be.

Tags: American, Used  ✍ Author: Fareed Zakaria

But in terms of satire and comedy, our biggest and earliest influence was Mad magazine.

Tags: Comedy, Mad  ✍ Author: Jerry Zucker

A memoir should have some uplifting quality, inspiring or illuminating, and that's what separates a life story that can influence other people.

Tags: Life, Story  ✍ Author: Mitch Albom

I am the worst influence. If you can't handle your vices, then I am the Devil.

Tags: Devil, Worst  ✍ Author: Tori Amos

Well I think everything up to this point that I've been exposed to in my life has had an influence on me in some way, shape, or form even if I'm not conscious of it. So I definitely think that my studies in wu-shu, kung-fu, karate, kenpo, taikwando, all of that stuff certainly has an affect. I don't think I follow any discipline traditionally.

Tags: Life, Point  ✍ Author: Criss Angel

I am constantly being told that I have been a big influence for many people, including other musicians.

Tags: Big, Musicians  ✍ Author: Joan Armatrading

My dad's Irish music was such a huge influence.

Tags: Dad, Music  ✍ Author: Dido Armstrong

There are a couple of teachers I have had without whose influence I would not be as happy with who I am.

Tags: Happy, Whose  ✍ Author: Mackenzie Astin

I have no influence with the rising generation. All my arguments have failed to induce them to set bounds to their wants.

Tags: Generation, Wants  ✍ Author: Benjamin Banneker

In Britain I'm sometimes regarded as a suspiciously Europeanized writer, who has this rather dubious French influence.

Tags: Rather, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Julian Barnes

I'll put it frankly - Britain has more influence in China than Norway or Switzerland, with all respect for the other countries.

Tags: Put, Respect  ✍ Author: Jose Manuel Barroso

The satiric ethos of Mad was a much bigger childhood influence.

Tags: Childhood, Mad  ✍ Author: Alison Bechdel

The influence of Paris, for instance, is now minimal. Yet a lot is written about Paris fashion.

Tags: Fashion, Written  ✍ Author: Geoffrey Beene

Children have in the past and continue to influence policy makers.

Tags: Children, Past  ✍ Author: Carol Bellamy

There's no point in worrying about things you can't influence.

Tags: Point, Worrying  ✍ Author: John Bercow

I see plainly how external images influence the image that I call my body: they transmit movement to it.

Tags: Body, Call  ✍ Author: Henri Bergson

Even with Extreme, I don't think you have a choice but to sort of have somewhat of an influence of the times.

Tags: Choice, Times  ✍ Author: Nuno Bettencourt

The piece that had a large influence on me was Turangalila.

Tags: Large, Piece  ✍ Author: Harrison Birtwistle

The thing about influence is that any composer worth anything will give you the same names.

Tags: Give, Worth  ✍ Author: Harrison Birtwistle

In my opinion, Lenny Bruce was more of an influence on Zappa's satirical lyric's than anyone that I know of.

Tags: Anyone, Opinion  ✍ Author: Jimmy Carl Black

A lot of the vocal music I've been doing recently has been quite clubby. But that's mainly because I've had more time to go to clubs, and that normally breeds that kind of influence.

Tags: Music, Time  ✍ Author: James Blake

In terms of writing more club tracks, writing more electronically influenced - I feel like it was all electronically influenced, but now that influence has come to me in a different way.

Tags: Club, Writing  ✍ Author: James Blake

Furthermore, the study of the present surroundings is insufficient: the history of the people, the influence of the regions through which it has passed on its migrations, and the people with whom it came into contact, must be considered.

Tags: History, Study  ✍ Author: Franz Boas

My priority is to give the United States the kind of influence it should have.

Tags: Give, United  ✍ Author: John Bolton

I'm proud of my mentors. Ray Charles is the strongest influence on me as a singer.

Tags: Proud, Singer  ✍ Author: Michael Bolton

Curiosity is natural to the soul of man and interesting objects have a powerful influence on our affections.

Tags: Powerful, Soul  ✍ Author: Daniel Boone

Doonesbury had the requisite and overwhelming influence in 1980, as it did on any college cartoonist who was paying attention, of course.

Tags: Attention, College  ✍ Author: Berkeley Breathed

During this period, I became interested in how the new techniques of cloning and sequencing DNA could influence the study of genetics and I was an early and active proponent of the Human Genome Sequencing Project.

Tags: Human, Study  ✍ Author: Sydney Brenner

I'd begun reading Crumb shortly before that, and other underground stuff, so that was an influence to some degree. Of course the Marvel and DC comics, they had been my main interests in my teenage years.

Tags: Reading, Stuff  ✍ Author: Chester Brown

Yeah, Dizzee Rascal is a huge influence on what I'm doing. I learnt a lot from him even though he's younger than me.

Tags: Him, Though  ✍ Author: Danny Brown

The companies that are the most influential and most successful are the ones that care about impact and the influence they have on the world.

Tags: Care, Successful  ✍ Author: Robert Williams Buchanan
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