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Apathy Quotes

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The apathy of the people is enough to make every statue leap from its pedestal and hasten the resurrection of the dead.

Tags: Dead, Enough  ✍ Author: William Lloyd Garrison

Man watches his history on the screen with apathy and an occasional passing flicker of horror or indignation.

Tags: History, Horror  ✍ Author: Conor Cruise O\'Brien

You look around baseball and when things go south, that type of fan apathy happens.

Tags: Baseball, Happens  ✍ Author: Mike Quade

In communications, familiarity breeds apathy.

Tags: Breeds, Communication  ✍ Author: William Bernbach

Is it ignorance or apathy? Hey, I don't know and I don't care.

Tags: Care, Ignorance  ✍ Author: Jimmy Buffett

Slums may well be breeding grounds of crime, but middle class suburbs are incubators of apathy and delirium.

Tags: Crime, May  ✍ Author: Cyril Connolly

I was faced more with apathy than opposition.

Tags: Faced, Opposition  ✍ Author: Adrian Cronauer

Tolerance it a tremendous virtue, but the immediate neighbors of tolerance are apathy and weakness.

Tags: Tolerance, Weakness  ✍ Author: James Goldsmith

Supermarket tabloids and celebrity gossip shows are not just innocently shallow entertainment, but a fundamental part of a much larger movement that involves apathy, greed and hierarchy.

Tags: Gossip, Greed  ✍ Author: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Apathy is a sort of living oblivion.

Tags: Living, Oblivion  ✍ Author: Horace Greeley

The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment.

Tags: Death, Democracy  ✍ Author: Robert M. Hutchins

Apathy in general; people who are not standing up for what they believe in because somebody's got a louder mouth than them; it doesn't make any sense.

Tags: Sense, Somebody  ✍ Author: Avan Jogia

Hate is not the opposite of love; apathy is.

Tags: Hate, Love  ✍ Author: Rollo May

People have moved beyond apathy, beyond skepticism into deep cynicism.

Tags: Beyond, Deep  ✍ Author: Elliot Richardson

I think worrying things are going on in England - a real apathy.

Tags: England, Real  ✍ Author: Alan Rickman

All hippies around now just represent complete apathy.

Tags: Complete, Hippies  ✍ Author: Joe Strummer

Harold Wilson is going around the country stirring up apathy.

Tags: Country, Stirring  ✍ Author: William Whitelaw

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