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Bao Dai's Quotes

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Born: 1913-10-22
Profession: Statesman
Nation: Vietnamese
Biography of Bao Dai

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As for us, during twenty years' reign, we have known much bitterness.

Tags: Bitterness, Known, Reign

Henceforth, we shall be happy to be a free citizen in an independent country.

Tags: Country, Free, Happy

I do not wish a foreign army to spill the blood of my people.

Tags: Army, Blood, Wish

I would prefer to be a citizen of an independent country rather than Emperor of an enslaved one.

Tags: Citizen, Country, Rather

If your government had given me a thousandth of the sum it spent to depose me, I could have won that war.

Tags: Government, War, Won

In this decisive hour of our national history, union means life and division means death.

Tags: Death, History, Life

The time has come to put an end to the fratricidal war and to recover at last peace and accord.

Tags: Peace, Time, War
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Bao Dai's quote #3
Bao Dai's quote #3
Bao Dai's quote #3
Bao Dai's quote #3
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