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Reign Quotes

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Pandemonium did not reign; it poured.

Tags: Poured  ✍ Author: John Kendrick Bangs

As for us, during twenty years' reign, we have known much bitterness.

Tags: Bitterness, Known  ✍ Author: Bao Dai

Every reign must submit to a greater reign.

Tags: Greater, Submit  ✍ Author: Albert Schweitzer

No one would have doubted his ability to reign had he never been emperor.

Tags: Ability, Emperor  ✍ Author: Jorma Taccone

Now comes the reign of iron.

Tags: Iron  ✍ Author: John Ericsson

He who knows not how to dissimulate, can not reign.

Tags: Knows  ✍ Author: Louis XI

Fashion is an imposition, a reign on freedom.

Tags: Fashion, Freedom  ✍ Author: Golda Meir

I have to reign myself in a lot.

 ✍ Author: Thurston Moore

A short reign does not spare the masses.

Tags: Masses, Short  ✍ Author: Jason Statham

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