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Believable Quotes

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I want a kiss to be so believable it gives the reader shivers.

Tags: Kiss, Reader  ✍ Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

My secrets must be poetic to be believable.

Tags: Poetic, Secrets  ✍ Author: Mick Jagger

Bad for the sake of bad is boring to me and not believable.

Tags: Bad, Boring  ✍ Author: Bryan Cranston

On stage you need to emphasize every emotion. But on screen you need to tone everything down and make it believable.

Tags: Emotion, Stage  ✍ Author: Tom Holland

To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; credible we must be truthful.

Tags: Persuasive, Truthful  ✍ Author: Edward R. Murrow

I believe a No. 1 song starts happening when it's believable and validating.

Tags: Happening, Song  ✍ Author: Jake Owen

Creating a believable world on the ship was very important, and technically they got better and better and better at showing the ship too.

Tags: Creating, Ship  ✍ Author: Patrick Stewart

You need to be real enough to be believable, but you don't necessarily have to be real enough to be real. There is a distinction.

Tags: Enough, Real  ✍ Author: Bradley Whitford

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