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Mick Jagger Quotes

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I looked at Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and the boys up there thinking, I want to be that.

Tags: Looked, Thinking  ✍ Author: Sammy Hagar

Mick Jagger and I just really liked each other a lot. We talked all night. We had the same views on nuclear disarmament.

Tags: Liked, Night, Nuclear  ✍ Author: Jerry Hall

And one thing about Mick Jagger is he keeps his eye very closely on not only where the dollars go but where the pennies go.

Tags: Dollars, Eye, Pennies  ✍ Author: Michael Lindsay-Hogg

I found Mick Jagger... very bright. I always liked him very much and still do.

Tags: Bright, Found, Him  ✍ Author: Michael Lindsay-Hogg

The next innovation, Sensavision, will be like a Walkman attached to your forehead. You won't actually have your head wired because infrared wires will send signals to you. In 2007 Mick Jagger will be on stage, and when Mick feels heat, you'll feel heat.

Tags: Actually, Next, Won  ✍ Author: Tony Verna

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Mick Jagger quote #2
Mick Jagger quote #2
Mick Jagger quote #2
Mick Jagger quote #2
Mick Jagger quote #2

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