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Prayers were held in Assembly Hall. We all perched in rows on wooden benches while teachers sat up on the platform in armchairs, facing us.

Tags: Prayers, Teachers, While  ✍ Author: Roald Dahl

And the Blue Angels are coming back to scare the local population. I remember seeing old Vietnamese women ducking under the benches in Washington Square; they thought they were back in the war.

Tags: Thought, War, Women  ✍ Author: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Most of the hotel gym's are not adequate. I mean you might be able to train your arms, but you aren't going to be able to train legs, back, or even chest if they don't have dumbbells and benches.

Tags: Able, Mean, Might  ✍ Author: Warren Cuccurullo

When stuck years ago in a job I hated, my only friend was the public bench. As the tedious mornings dragged on, how I would long for the lunch hour, when I would be able to escape the torture of the office and stroll over to the churchyard and into the comforting wooden embrace of one of its benches.

Tags: Able, Friend, Job  ✍ Author: Howard Hodgkin

One thing that changed when I moved upstate was that I became interested in different materials. I started making the stone benches because I was seeing rocks.

Tags: Interested, Making, Started  ✍ Author: Jenny Holzer

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