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Bernardo Bertolucci's Quotes

Bernardo Bertolucci profile photo

Born: 1940-03-16
Profession: Writer
Nation: Italian
Biography of Bernardo Bertolucci

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I don't think you can in any way export culture with guns or tanks.

Tags: Culture, Export, Guns

I left the ending ambiguous, because that is the way life is.

Tags: Ending, Left, Life

I remember being young in the 1960s... we had a great sense of the future, a great big hope. This is what is missing in the youth today. This being able to dream and to change the world.

Tags: Change, Great, Hope

A monoculture is not only Hollywood, but Americans trying to export democracy.

Tags: Democracy, Hollywood, Trying

After many, many years, I fell out of love with politics. It's not something I like but it's the truth.

Tags: Love, Politics, Truth

I am still against any kind of censorship. It's a subject in my life that has been very important.

Tags: Against, Censorship, Life

I don't film messages. I let the post office take care of those.

Tags: Care, Film, Office

I don't see my movies. I think it's healthier and safer to keep a bit of distance. I'm afraid to be disappointed.

Tags: Afraid, Keep, Movies

I haven't made a movie for a while, but I've watched a lot. It's my major waste of time. I like to work, but also to be waiting for work.

Tags: Time, Waiting, Work

I like that 3D is based on the fact that you look with two eyes, so two cameras imitate that.

Tags: Based, Eyes, Fact

I think that I used to love Hollywood movies. I remember great phases and moments. But, unfortunately, now is not the moment.

Tags: Great, Love, Movies

Sometimes you are in sync with the times, sometimes you are in advance, sometimes you are late.

Tags: Late, Sometimes, Times

There's no more film; now everything's digital. I welcome this. It's fantastic for me to have a new chance.

Tags: Chance, Film, Welcome

To explore technology for me is something that I have to do. Otherwise, I feel completely left in the back... abandoned.

Tags: Explore, Left, Technology

You live day by day. You can't build your life.

Tags: Build, Life

I am in love with the idea of doing a movie in 3D. I think 3D would be great in a kind of realistic normal story without throwing objects to the camera, but using the 3D on the emotions in an intimate story.

Tags: Great, Idea, Love

I like to be in a huis clos, as the French say - in one place. It's something that in general can create a bit of claustrophobia. But for me, claustrophobia becomes almost immediately claustrophilia. I love it!

Tags: Almost, Love, Place

What happened in the late Fifties, early Sixties in French cinema was a fantastic revolution. I was in Italy, but completely in love with the nouvelle vague movement, and directors like Godard, Truffaut, Demy. 'The Dreamers' was a total homage to cinema and that love for it.

Tags: Late, Love, Revolution
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