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Beth Orton's Quotes

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Born: 1970-12-14
Profession: Musician
Nation: English
Biography of Beth Orton

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Heaven is what we spend our lives trying to find.

Tags: Heaven, Lives, Trying

From the beginning, I wanted to make dance music with a human element to it.

Tags: Dance, Human, Music

I learned to embrace my individuality, and if that meant writing a song on one chord over and over again, then that's what I do.

Tags: Again, Learned, Writing

I used to think it was good to kind of work within your limitations.

Tags: Good, Used, Work

I'd say my greatest fear is fear itself.

Tags: Fear, Greatest

The way I write, words can means lots of different things.

Tags: Means, Words, Write

Before you worry about what genre it is, about whether it's a loop or a drum, it's about what suits the song. It's using what's within your reach, but also reaching for everything you can. I don't know if I always get it right, because I don't know every sound yet.

Tags: Song, Whether, Worry

I don't believe in trouble. Because I think that trouble is sometimes good, sometimes bad. I've been known to be called trouble, which I think is quite a compliment. But I suppose, thinking about it, that my best and worst trouble has always had something to do with a man.

Tags: Bad, Best, Good

I'm coming into places with some people who just want to hear what I did before, with some people who want to hear me with a band, but I am just at the moment sticking to my guns and saying, 'You know what? I want you just to hear this for a minute. I want it to be in the context of me and a guitar.'

Tags: Guitar, Moment, Saying

Sugaring season is the season when you tap the trees for sugar that turns into maple syrup. I've married someone from Vermont, so it's an expression I kept hearing, and I'm like, 'What is that? That's just so beautiful.' I like the idea it's the very, very first murmurings of spring.

Tags: Beautiful, Someone, Spring

The upside to smoking is that you get to be social. I was looking for a light when I bumped into Ben Harper's manager. A couple of days later, Ben and I were in the studio.

Tags: Light, Smoking, Social

We're all like little ants who scurry around with the materials that are at hand right now. Each generation finds new materials. Its just evolution, isn't it?

Tags: Evolution, Generation, Hand

You can have all sorts of relationships, but there's something with musicians working together where you can have relationship that can just continue to grow in a beautiful way.

Tags: Beautiful, Together, Working

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