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I am a bit of a fundamentalist when it comes to black women's hair. Hair is hair - yet also about larger questions: self-acceptance, insecurity and what the world tells you is beautiful. For many black women, the idea of wearing their hair naturally is unbearable.

Tags: Insecurity, Women  ✍ Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I have no fear of being less beautiful, I've always been afraid of not being beautiful.

Tags: Afraid, Fear  ✍ Author: Isabelle Adjani

Well, filming in Hawaii, you know, is a blessing. It's one of the most beautiful places on this planet. It has a very mystic energy which informs you as an actor.

Tags: Blessing, Energy  ✍ Author: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

It's an amazing thing to say, 'I'm beautiful,' without feeling like you're cocky.

Tags: Amazing, Feeling  ✍ Author: Christina Aguilera

I fell in love with the most beautiful girl in the Bronx.

Tags: Girl, Love  ✍ Author: Danny Aiello

Music I heard with you was more than music, and bread I broke with you was more than bread. Now that I am without you, all is desolate; all that was once so beautiful is dead.

Tags: Dead, Music  ✍ Author: Conrad Aiken

Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?

Tags: Enough, Garden  ✍ Author: Douglas Adams

Let there be nothing within thee that is not very beautiful and very gentle, and there will be nothing without thee that is not beautiful and softened by the spell of thy presence.

Tags: Gentle, Within  ✍ Author: Muhammad Ali

As in the rankest soil the most beautiful flowers are grown, so in the dark soil of poverty the choicest flowers of humanity have developed and bloomed.

Tags: Dark, Humanity  ✍ Author: Muhammad Ali

Suffering becomes beautiful when anyone bears great calamities with cheerfulness, not through insensibility but through greatness of mind.

Tags: Great, Mind  ✍ Author: Maya Angelou

I have read in Plato and Cicero sayings that are wise and very beautiful; but I have never read in either of them: Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden.

Tags: Read, Wise  ✍ Author: Isaac Asimov

Anything in any way beautiful derives its beauty from itself and asks nothing beyond itself. Praise is no part of it, for nothing is made worse or better by praise.

Tags: Beauty, Beyond  ✍ Author: Isaac Asimov

Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift.

Tags: Joy, Nature  ✍ Author: Albert Einstein

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.

Tags: Best, Inspirational  ✍ Author: Helen Keller

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.

Tags: Cannot, Heart  ✍ Author: Helen Keller

Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same.

Tags: Love, May  ✍ Author: Helen Keller

Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being.

Tags: End, Human  ✍ Author: Khalil Gibran

I knew I belonged to the public and to the world, not because I was talented or even beautiful, but because I had never belonged to anything or anyone else.

Tags: Anyone, Else  ✍ Author: Marilyn Monroe

No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.

Tags: Object, Ugly  ✍ Author: Oscar Wilde

It is better to be beautiful than to be good. But... it is better to be good than to be ugly.

Tags: Good, Ugly  ✍ Author: Oscar Wilde

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

Tags: However, Results  ✍ Author: Winston Churchill

You have to be doing things that matter - responsibility, but also responsibility with epic and beautiful and noble tasks.

Tags: Matter, Noble  ✍ Author: Michelle Bachelet

The simpler it is, the more beautiful it will become.

Tags: Become, Simpler  ✍ Author: Wilhelm Backhaus

I have the ability to sing with emotion and feeling, but if you say I sound like Billie Holiday, that's cool. Let's look at who Billie was: she was this person, this singer, this beautiful diva who could move the audience with the slightest gesture of her hand.

Tags: Cool, Feeling  ✍ Author: Erykah Badu

I thought the Billie Holiday comparison was beautiful. I think, Wow, what a wonderful, creative, helpful spirit. She's someone who wanted to help others by sharing her emotion. That's what I do, too, so I think that's a great comparison.

Tags: Great, Help  ✍ Author: Erykah Badu
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In a way, a man's body is more beautiful than a woman's.

Tags: Body, Woman  ✍ Author: David Bailey

Fashion often starts off beautiful and becomes ugly, whereas art starts off ugly sometimes and becomes beautiful.

Tags: Art, Fashion  ✍ Author: David Bailey

I cannot believe how much I love my kid. It's a beautiful thing.

Tags: Cannot, Love  ✍ Author: Scott Baio

Long tresses down to the floor can be beautiful, if you have that, but learn to love what you have.

Tags: Learn, Love  ✍ Author: Anita Baker

Beautiful? It's all a question of luck. I was born with good legs. As for the rest... beautiful, no. Amusing, yes.

Tags: Good, Luck  ✍ Author: Josephine Baker

The ballet is a purely female thing; it is a woman, a garden of beautiful flowers, and man is the gardener.

Tags: Flowers, Woman  ✍ Author: George Balanchine

I prefer to say that I am a beautiful person. But the addict is a horrible person.

Tags: Addict, Horrible  ✍ Author: Daniel Baldwin

American history is longer, larger, more various, more beautiful, and more terrible than anything anyone has ever said about it.

Tags: History, Said  ✍ Author: James A. Baldwin

The South is very beautiful but its beauty makes one sad because the lives that people live here, and have lived here, are so ugly.

Tags: Beauty, Sad  ✍ Author: James A. Baldwin

We should burn all libraries and allow to remain only that which everyone knows by heart. A beautiful age of the legend would then begin.

Tags: Age, Heart  ✍ Author: Hugo Ball

It is easy to be beautiful; it is difficult to appear so.

Tags: Difficult, Easy  ✍ Author: Hosea Ballou

The One, the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, these are what we call the transcendental attributes of Being, because they surpass all the limits of essences and are coextensive with Being.

Tags: Good, True  ✍ Author: Hans Urs von Balthasar

Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit.

Tags: Human, Powerful  ✍ Author: Stefan Banach

I do not think about being beautiful. What I devote most of my time to is being healthy.

Tags: Healthy, Time  ✍ Author: Ann Bancroft

When you go to the movie theater and the opening of this movie and you see the kids just cracking up with a character you are giving your voice to, you get goose bumps. It's so beautiful.

Tags: Character, Giving  ✍ Author: Antonio Banderas

I mean, the Constitution of this country was written 200 years ago. The house I was living in in Madrid is 350 years old! America is still a project, and you guys are working on it and bringing new things to it every day. That is beautiful to watch.

Tags: Country, Mean  ✍ Author: Antonio Banderas

I live by Edith Wharton's rule to get rid of anything neither useful nor beautiful. So I put the TV out on the street.

Tags: Nor, Put  ✍ Author: Lester Bangs

It's a beautiful day for a ballgame... Let's play two!

Tags: Ballgame  ✍ Author: Elizabeth Banks

It's not like I want to hop on a bandwagon, because I said it 15 years ago - bringing a child into your life who is not genetically yours is one of the most beautiful things you can do. But I'm also interested in having my own baby, too.

Tags: Life, Said  ✍ Author: Tyra Banks

Paris is one of the most beautiful places in all the world. Unfortunately, I was so homesick I couldn't appreciate its beauty.

Tags: Appreciate, Beauty  ✍ Author: Tyra Banks

Love is the delightful interval between meeting a beautiful girl and discovering that she looks like a haddock.

Tags: Girl, Love  ✍ Author: John Barrymore

My wife was too beautiful for words, but not for arguments.

Tags: Wife, Words  ✍ Author: John Barrymore

Optimism - the doctrine or belief that everything is beautiful, including what is ugly.

Tags: Optimism, Ugly  ✍ Author: Ambrose Bierce

Belladonna, n.: In Italian a beautiful lady; in English a deadly poison. A striking example of the essential identity of the two tongues.

Tags: English, Lady  ✍ Author: Ambrose Bierce

To the eyes of a miser a guinea is more beautiful than the sun, and a bag worn with the use of money has more beautiful proportions than a vine filled with grapes.

Tags: Eyes, Money  ✍ Author: William Blake

All of us, no matter how we look born into this world, feel something like the Hunchback. It doesn't matter if you have a beautiful face or not.

Tags: Face, Matter  ✍ Author: Ray Bradbury

We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.

Tags: Knowing, Ourselves  ✍ Author: Ray Bradbury

How beautiful the leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.

Tags: Light, Old  ✍ Author: John Burroughs

The first question I ask myself when something doesn't seem to be beautiful is why do I think it's not beautiful. And very shortly you discover that there is no reason.

Tags: Reason, Why  ✍ Author: John Cage

I would definitely return to Austria. They were all good experiences for me, but definitely Austria because there were some ancient Celtic, sacred sites that were in the forest that were quite beautiful.

Tags: Good, Quite  ✍ Author: John Cage

My father was totally Irish, and so I went to Ireland once. I found it to be very much like New York, for it was a beautiful country, and both the women and men were good-looking.

Tags: Men, Women  ✍ Author: James Cagney

Out of the depths, O Lord, out of the depths,' begins the most beautiful of the services of our church, and it is out of the depths of my life that I must bring the incidents of this story.

Tags: Life, Lord  ✍ Author: Hall Caine

All babies are beautiful.

Tags: Babies  ✍ Author: Jeanne Calment

A mathematical proof is beautiful, but when you're finished, it's really only about one thing. A story can be about many things.

Tags: Finished, Story  ✍ Author: Billy Campbell

I don't think I was born beautiful. I just think I was born me.

Tags: Born  ✍ Author: Naomi Campbell

Truth, like light, blinds. Falsehood, on the contrary, is a beautiful twilight that enhances every object.

Tags: Light, Truth  ✍ Author: Albert Camus

My beautiful son... I can't wait to see his face, hug him, and spend time with him.

Tags: Him, Time  ✍ Author: Jencarlos Canela

The beautiful thing about acting is that you can just dive into the character, strip yourself of everything, and just get in there and perfect your craft.

Tags: Character, Yourself  ✍ Author: Nick Cannon

Our music's kind of about taking something ugly and making it beautiful.

Tags: Making, Music  ✍ Author: Jerry Cantrell

I was always bigger than the other girls. My sisters are very, very beautiful and very skinny, and I've always had a more muscular body. So I grew up with a different mentality.

Tags: Body, Sisters  ✍ Author: Gina Carano

I have gotten some of the most beautiful experiences that a person can possibly ask for so I'm not at all complaining.

Tags: Ask, Gotten  ✍ Author: Gina Carano

I'm really surprised how many people knew me as Gina Carano. MMA has a beautiful fan base.

Tags: Fan, Knew  ✍ Author: Gina Carano

How did I end up in films with people like Keira Knightley... all these beautiful leading ladies and me - it's kind of shocking.

Tags: End, Films  ✍ Author: Steve Carell

And, I was really impressed with how beautiful our country was and how friendly the people were.

Tags: Country, Friendly  ✍ Author: Duane G. Carey

And, obviously as a, as one who likes to travel around myself a lot, I think the Earth is a beautiful place. And, I'm looking forward to some new perspectives.

Tags: Forward, Travel  ✍ Author: Duane G. Carey

My greatest pleasure is to invent. My continual mad ambition is to make something true and beautiful that never existed in the world before.

Tags: Greatest, True  ✍ Author: Peter Carey

I'm very serious about no alcohol, no drugs. Life is too beautiful.

Tags: Life, Serious  ✍ Author: Jim Carrey

I wake up some mornings and sit and have my coffee and look out at my beautiful garden, and I go, 'Remember how good this is. Because you can lose it.'

Tags: Good, Morning  ✍ Author: Jim Carrey

Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise.

Tags: Morning, Sunrise  ✍ Author: George Washington Carver

When a woman isn't beautiful, people always say, 'You have lovely eyes, you have lovely hair.'

Tags: Eyes, Woman  ✍ Author: Anton Chekhov

Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame.

Tags: Art, Picture  ✍ Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton

It isn't a matter of black is beautiful as much as it is white is not all that's beautiful.

Tags: Black, Matter  ✍ Author: Bill Cosby

Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question.

Tags: Answer, Question  ✍ Author: e. e. cummings

I grew up with classical music blasting in my parents' living room and my older brother's practicing saxophone in his room listening to jazz... a beautiful chaos.

Tags: Music, Parents  ✍ Author: Josephine de La Baume

When you have to do all the more crappy jobs before, you appreciate all the good work that comes out of that. There are many girls who immediately have a top model career, and there are lots of models who are doing things that aren't as exciting as doing big campaigns and beautiful magazines.

Tags: Good, Work  ✍ Author: Saskia de Brauw

A beautiful body perishes, but a work of art dies not.

Tags: Art, Work  ✍ Author: DMX

Film is an editor's medium. You can create very good raw material and they can make it horrible, or you can do not so well and they can make it beautiful. You don't really know.

Tags: Film, Good  ✍ Author: Willem Dafoe

There is slow growth, but it is positive slow growth. At the same time, ratios of debt-to-incomes go down. That's a beautiful deleveraging.

Tags: Positive, Time  ✍ Author: Salvador Dali

A beautiful deleveraging balances the three options. In other words, there is a certain amount of austerity, there is a certain amount of debt restructuring, and there is a certain amount of printing of money. When done in the right mix, it isn't dramatic.

Tags: Done, Money  ✍ Author: Salvador Dali

I do not consider myself beautiful.

Tags: Consider  ✍ Author: Beatrice Dalle

The idea that man is a tabula rasa, or Mao's sheet of blank paper upon which the most beautiful characters can be written, is an old one with disastrous implications. I do not think though that the cults you mention could survive honest thought about human nature.

Tags: Human, Nature  ✍ Author: Theodore Dalrymple

I like structure - like driving: go past the school on the street, stay on the right side, no hitting the car, go in right, you'll see a big church, stop and take a left, and you'll have it. By doing this I'm giving a structure of life, a path of light, and showing what happens between me and me, which is something very beautiful.

Tags: Car, Life  ✍ Author: Jean-Claude Van Damme

My go-to gifts are scarves from my friend Matin Maulawizada's nonprofit organization, Afghan Hands, which supports disenfranchised women in Afghanistan. In exchange for their beautiful embroidery, the women are given financial aid and classes in math and literacy. The scarves are all stunning and one of a kind.

Tags: Friend, Women  ✍ Author: Claire Danes

'Affinity' is beautiful and intense, with no laughs. It's a rather delicate and emotional love story, with a spooky element.

Tags: Emotional, Love  ✍ Author: Andrew Davies

I used to have this Mercedes, a dark blue 450SLC, which was the most beautiful car. I'd like to have another unusual, beautiful car.

Tags: Car, Dark  ✍ Author: Andrew Davies

I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it's such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.

Tags: Mom, Mother  ✍ Author: Ellen DeGeneres

I get those fleeting, beautiful moments of inner peace and stillness - and then the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day, I'm a human trying to make it through in this world.

Tags: Human, Peace  ✍ Author: Ellen DeGeneres

It is godlike ever to think on something beautiful and on something new.

Tags: Godlike  ✍ Author: Ellen DeGeneres

Just as a flower which seems beautiful and has color but no perfume, so are the fruitless words of the man who speaks them but does them not.

Tags: Flower, Words  ✍ Author: John Dewey

I had no desire to be an film actress, to always play somebody else, to be always beautiful with somebody constantly straightening out your every eyelash. It was always a big bother to me.

Tags: Big, Else  ✍ Author: Marlene Dietrich

Darling, the legs aren't so beautiful, I just know what to do with them.

Tags: Darling, Legs  ✍ Author: Marlene Dietrich

The average man is more interested in a woman who is interested in him than he is in a woman with beautiful legs.

Tags: Him, Woman  ✍ Author: Marlene Dietrich

The lowest and vilest alleys of London do not present a more dreadful record of sin than does the smiling and beautiful countryside.

Tags: London, Present  ✍ Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

I'm happy that I have a look, but I don't over-analyse whether or not it's beautiful or ugly.

Tags: Happy, Ugly  ✍ Author: Sophie Ellis Bextor

There's something very beautiful and compelling about someone who has ambition and someone who knows what they want, but it can get a little frustrating at times, so I understand that. I have sympathy for that.

Tags: Someone, Sympathy  ✍ Author: Michael Ealy
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