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Billy Sheehan's Quotes

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Born: 1953-03-19
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Billy Sheehan

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Music is always changing and the changes are unpredictable.

Tags: Changes, Changing, Music

I gave up a lot of things in exchange for my success.

Tags: Exchange, Gave, Success

I didn't follow the standard rules of bass playing, and many musicians on many different instruments who became noteworthy for their unique or particular style did a very similar thing.

Tags: Playing, Rules, Unique

And no again: My studio is not a first or any step toward becoming any type of businessman on my part.

Tags: Again, Step, Toward

History has repeated itself many times througout the ages.

Tags: Ages, History, Times

I believe the best persona to be onstage is the one that comes naturally.

Tags: Best, Naturally, Persona

I listened to many different types of instruments and music, and have always tried to look at the bass as an instrument as opposed to only a bass.

Tags: Bass, Music, Tried

I love a lot of reggae, but I've never had the opportunity to play with any reggae guys.

Tags: Guys, Love, Reggae

I plan on doing a lot more work on my own, and discovering and doing more.

Tags: Plan, Work

I think the future looks great for music, musicians, bass players, and all we love about music.

Tags: Great, Love, Music

I try to do my absolute best for the people who come see me play.

Tags: Absolute, Best, Try

I'm a fan of many different styles of classical and symphonic music.

Tags: Classical, Fan, Music

I've been an amature inventor for a long time.

Tags: Inventor, Time

If I had to do it over, I wouldn't change a thing.

Tags: Change

It is never easy for anyone to have success in music.

Tags: Easy, Music, Success

My home studio is my private instrument for me only. It's not intended to record anyone but me.

Tags: Anyone, Home, Private

Very often I suspend my musical sensibilities to enjoy music as a fan.

Tags: Enjoy, Music, Often

What people think of me and my playing is up to them, not me.

Tags: Playing

Be honest with yourself and the way you act when you hear music. That way, when people watch, they'll see something from your heart and soul, and as a result will communicate your feeling and thought much better.

Tags: Heart, Music, Yourself

It was also important for me to have a burning desire to achieve something worthwhile on that instrument, and I devoted many many many hours with little or no compensation to perfecting whatever I could, because I loved it so much.

Tags: Desire, Loved, Whatever
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We'll see some simplistic players for a while, who'll then get into more complicated things and evolve with their instruments. This is a cycle that happens over and over again in music.

Tags: Again, Music, While