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I was a huge fan of the original 'Star Trek,' and I'd never even dreamed that I would someday be captain of a starship.

Tags: Original, Star  ✍ Author: Scott Bakula

My fan mail is enormous. Everyone is under six.

Tags: Everyone, Six  ✍ Author: Alexander Calder

A rabid sports fan is one that boos a TV set.

Tags: Sports, Tv  ✍ Author: Jimmy Cannon

I'm really surprised how many people knew me as Gina Carano. MMA has a beautiful fan base.

Tags: Beautiful, Knew  ✍ Author: Gina Carano

My whole philosophy is to broadcast the way a fan would broadcast.

Tags: Philosophy, Whole  ✍ Author: Harry Caray

No, I'm not a lager lout either. I think you have to be a massive football fan to be a lager lout.

Tags: Either, Football  ✍ Author: Hugh Dancy

Of course, I started really being a comics fan with the underground stuff in the '70s.

Tags: Started, Stuff  ✍ Author: Glenn Danzig

It's an odd thing when there is a fan page for my daughter who is not yet 13.

Tags: Daughter, Odd  ✍ Author: Johnny Depp

I think I'm a fan of people who were brave, my aunt, my grandmother, those are my heroes.

Tags: Brave, Heroes  ✍ Author: George Eads

I love Motown, but I've obviously always been more of a Memphis soul fan. If it's Stax or Motown, I go Stax.

Tags: Love, Soul  ✍ Author: Justin Townes Earle

I'm a big taco fan.

Tags: Big  ✍ Author: Leslie Easterbrook

I had grown up as a fan of Studs Terkel. In Chicago he sort of looms large and is mentioned often.

Tags: Large, Often  ✍ Author: Dave Eggers

I'm a big country fan.

Tags: Big, Country  ✍ Author: Shannon Elizabeth

I don't have a Twitter account. I don't go to fan club gatherings. I'm not one of those actors who spends a lot of time engaging with the audience.

Tags: Audience, Time  ✍ Author: Jane Elliot

I became a Yankees fan for a few years. But now, I gotta say, I'm really rooting for the Red Sox.

Tags: Few, Red  ✍ Author: Jimmy Fallon

I always approach film as a fan.

Tags: Approach, Film  ✍ Author: Michael Fassbender

I grew up a Saints fan, an hour from the Superdome.

Tags: Hour, Saints  ✍ Author: Brett Favre

I'm not a big fan of rehearsing.

Tags: Big, Rehearsing  ✍ Author: Brendan Fehr

I'm a huge fan of Cabernet and Bordeaux, and am passionate about Pinot Noir and Burgundies.

Tags: Noir, Passionate  ✍ Author: Feist

I'm not a fan of idleness, except in small doses.

Tags: Except, Small  ✍ Author: Timothy Ferriss

I'm a huge fan of anything touched by the Neptunes.

Tags: Huge, Touched  ✍ Author: David Gallagher

I had a solo career before Van Halen. My fan base filtered through Van Halen with me and came right on out the other side with me.

Tags: Career, Side  ✍ Author: Sammy Hagar

I'm a huge fan of women; I think we're great.

Tags: Great, Women  ✍ Author: Nikki Haley

I am a fan of history.

Tags: History  ✍ Author: Tom T. Hall

You'd think a sociopath assassin wouldn't have a fan following but he does.

Tags: Assassin, Following  ✍ Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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What is my loftiest ambition? I've always wanted to throw an egg at an electric fan.

Tags: Ambition, Wanted  ✍ Author: Katharine Hepburn

I will absolutely say that Johnny Ramone was a huge influence on me. I'm a giant Ramones fan.

Tags: Giant, Influence  ✍ Author: Scott Ian

I began hearing rumors of apossible recording session with Neil Young. I was a huge fan of Neil's.

Tags: Rumors, Young  ✍ Author: Jack Irons

I'm the biggest Chekov fan - there's something that he does that not many other writers do.

Tags: Biggest, Writers  ✍ Author: Michael Irvin

The fan base that I've had all these years has come along. Some of them are not as plugged into the digital world, so they want to go out and buy the CD at Walmart or something.

Tags: Along, Digital  ✍ Author: Alan Jackson

I was a Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan fan growing up.

Tags: Chicago, Growing  ✍ Author: LeBron James

I've never really been that much of a fan of Ninja Tune.

Tags: Ninja, Tune  ✍ Author: Tom Jenkinson

I'm a big fan of CNN. I watched it from the beginning.

Tags: Beginning, Big  ✍ Author: Peter Jennings

If I was a fan of someone as a teenager, then it's OK for me to feel completely in awe when I meet them.

Tags: Meet, Someone  ✍ Author: Alex Kapranos

Wait a minute, I'm a fan of yours; you can't be a fan of mine!

Tags: Mine, Wait  ✍ Author: Adam Lambert

I didn't know Charlie before doing the movie, but I was a huge fan of the British Queer as Folk.

Tags: British, Movie  ✍ Author: Nathan Lane

I was a big Fred Flintstone fan.

Tags: Big, Fred  ✍ Author: Seth MacFarlane

I'm a big fan of the digestive system.

Tags: Big, System  ✍ Author: David Macaulay

Honestly, I'm not a massive fan of courtroom dramas.

Tags: Courtroom, Honestly  ✍ Author: Gabriel Macht

Well, honestly, I'm not a massive fan of courtroom dramas.

Tags: Courtroom, Honestly  ✍ Author: Gabriel Macht

I am a football fan, yeah.

Tags: Football, Yeah  ✍ Author: Joe Namath

I'm not a big slasher film fan.

Tags: Big, Film  ✍ Author: David Naughton

My outfits also need to be low-key. I'm a huge fan of boots, sandals, jeans and tank tops! Anything I can move in easily.

Tags: Jeans, Move  ✍ Author: Jennifer Nettles

I wasn't ever a huge fan of comics. Just not one of those kids, you know?

Tags: Comics, Kids  ✍ Author: Gary Oldman

I'm a huge MMA fan.

Tags: Huge  ✍ Author: Ty Olsson

I just think that Jack White is the consummate artist - an artist's artist. I'm a huge fan.

Tags: Artist, White  ✍ Author: Miguel

I'm a huge fan of the program 'Democracy Now,' which is hosted by Amy Goodman, and I subscribe to the podcast.

Tags: Democracy, Program  ✍ Author: Ellen Page

I'm a huge Sissy Spacek fan.

Tags: Huge, Sissy  ✍ Author: Ellen Page

Lately, I've been doing a lot of tuning in and impatiently tuning out. As a longtime fan of talk radio, I don't think this bodes well for the long-term broad appeal of the medium.

Tags: Radio, Talk  ✍ Author: Camille Paglia

I'm a massive fan of David Lynch and 'Twin Peaks.'

Tags: David, Twin  ✍ Author: Amanda Palmer

I'm a big Hall and Oates fan.

Tags: Big, Hall  ✍ Author: Nate Parker

I'm also a fan of ridiculously coloured and patterned socks.

Tags: Coloured, Socks  ✍ Author: Daniel Radcliffe

I really am not a gold fan.

Tags: Gold  ✍ Author: Dave Ramsey

I'm a big Letterman fan.

Tags: Big, Letterman  ✍ Author: Andy Samberg

I'm a great jazz fan.

Tags: Great, Jazz  ✍ Author: Vidal Sassoon

I'm a fan of Jay-Z, I'mma always be a fan of Jay-Z.

 ✍ Author: T-Pain

I'm a big fan of all styles, even Biggie and Wu-Tang, but I gotta do my thing.

Tags: Big, Gotta  ✍ Author: Ice T

I like African music, and I'm a huge Ravi Shankar fan.

Tags: African, Music  ✍ Author: Serj Tankian

I'm a huge Beatles fan, but I've only really gotten into them as an adult.

Tags: Adult, Beatles  ✍ Author: Serj Tankian

But, I'm a big Johnny Cash and a big Lou Reed fan and a Fellini fan.

Tags: Big, Cash  ✍ Author: Noah Taylor

I'm not really a Facebook fan because I don't know how to use it! It's so complicated!

Tags: Facebook  ✍ Author: Teyana Taylor

I'm a big fan of Paco Rabanne's 1 Million.

Tags: Big, Million  ✍ Author: Tinie Tempah

I was a fan of the 'Dredd' comics when I was a teenager.

Tags: Comics, Teenager  ✍ Author: Karl Urban

I make no apologies for being a huge fan of radio songs.

Tags: Radio, Songs  ✍ Author: Keith Urban

I get a lot of fan mail from girls. It's interesting because it's not just the U.S. - you get things from people all over the world. They send these postage stamps and you're like, 'Where do you live?' It's crazy. I'll get letters from the troops, too.

Tags: Crazy, Troops  ✍ Author: Jenna Ushkowitz

I've always been a huge reggae fan.

Tags: Huge, Reggae  ✍ Author: Ville Valo

I have long been a fan and enthusiast where art is concerned.

Tags: Art, Concerned  ✍ Author: Donatella Versace

George Bush is a fan of mine, he came to see me in the Seventies. His coke dealer brought him.

Tags: Him, Mine  ✍ Author: Tom Waits

I am a huge fan of 'Doctor Who.'

Tags: Doctor, Huge  ✍ Author: David Walliams

I was a huge fan of comedy when I was a child.

Tags: Child, Comedy  ✍ Author: Ron White

I'm a Harry Potter fan.

Tags: Harry, Potter  ✍ Author: David Yates

I am a fan of wuxia.

 ✍ Author: Zhang Yimou

I'm not a big jazz fan.

Tags: Big, Jazz  ✍ Author: Warren Zevon

I was always a fan of Spider-Man and most superheroes. There aren't a whole lot of little boys out there that aren't.

Tags: Whole  ✍ Author: Chris Zylka

I think we can leave mullets back in the '80s. I'm really not a big fan of them.

Tags: Big, Leave  ✍ Author: Malin Akerman

We had an erector set, and I was an avid fan of Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines.

Tags: Popular, Science  ✍ Author: James Van Allen

I am a huge sports fan.

Tags: Huge, Sports  ✍ Author: Kris Allen

I'm a huge fan of music in schools and music education because that's how I grew up.

Tags: Education, Music  ✍ Author: Kris Allen

I've never been a fan of whimsical or confusing storytelling.

Tags: Confusing, Whimsical  ✍ Author: Paul Thomas Anderson

I think it's very important to feed the body what it craves and not be in your head about it, panicking, carrying around some calorie-counting wheel in your bag or something equally absurd. I'm really not a fan of that at all.

Tags: Body, Head  ✍ Author: Tracy Anderson

I know my fan base is a smart group of people.

Tags: Group, Smart  ✍ Author: Aziz Ansari

There has got to be a lot of unreleased video out there, live footage and whatnot. There's always going to be something extra for the Pantera fan.

Tags: Extra, Video  ✍ Author: Phil Anselmo

I'm a huge sports fan.

Tags: Huge, Sports  ✍ Author: Marc Anthony

What I had to say was, in general, I'm not really a fan of any one genre of any kind of film.

Tags: Film, General  ✍ Author: Adam Arkin

I'm not a big fan of watching my matches.

Tags: Big, Watching  ✍ Author: Jean-Marc Ayrault

Half my fan mail comes from Japan.

Tags: Half, Japan  ✍ Author: Ben Barnes

I have been a gigantic Rolling Stones fan since approximately the Spanish-American War.

Tags: Since, War  ✍ Author: Dave Barry

I never looked at fan mail, for some reason. My mother and grandmother handled my mail - although it's not like I was ever in the stratosphere of Kirk Cameron or Scott Baio.

Tags: Mother, Reason  ✍ Author: Jason Bateman

I'm a fan of action movies.

Tags: Action, Movies  ✍ Author: Kate Beckinsale

It's one thing to be a fan and it's another thing to be a label.

Tags: Another, Label  ✍ Author: Gerry Beckley

I was not a fan of the Bush administration, as I think many of us were not.

Tags: Bush  ✍ Author: Laura Benanti

There are always going to be encounters that you kind of wish went differently. But the average fan really isn't fanatical.

Tags: Average, Wish  ✍ Author: Chester Bennington

I've always been a big fan of books.

Tags: Big, Books  ✍ Author: Amber Benson

I also was a huge 'Dukes of Hazzard' fan. I used to have T-shirts that said 'Dierks of Hazzard' custom-made.

Tags: Said, Used  ✍ Author: Dierks Bentley

I'm a huge fan of Billy Idol. I spiked my hair every day like him in 7th and 8th grade.

Tags: Hair, Him  ✍ Author: Dierks Bentley

I'm a member of the George Jones fan club, and I'm a member of U2's fan club.

Tags: Club  ✍ Author: Dierks Bentley

I'm not a big raised stage fan.

Tags: Big, Stage  ✍ Author: Tom Bergeron

I think I'm a music fan before anything else.

Tags: Else, Music  ✍ Author: Nuno Bettencourt

Who needs fan mail when you have the Internet?

Tags: Internet, Needs  ✍ Author: Nuno Bettencourt

I'm a big fan of all-you-can-eat plans, because they're simpler for customers.

Tags: Big, Plans  ✍ Author: Jeff Bezos

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