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Abel Korzeniowski's Profile

Brief about Abel Korzeniowski: By info that we know Abel Korzeniowski was born at 1972-07-18. And also Abel Korzeniowski is Polish Composer.

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I always try not to overload my music with orchestration and to use only those instruments that are absolutely necessary.

Tags: Music, Necessary, Try

I wrote my first piano piece when I was in 4th grade.

Tags: Grade, Piano, Piece

My music lives because of real players.

Tags: Lives, Music, Real

Growing up in Poland, I didn't have the experience of going to Disneyland as a child, so I don't have any childhood memories connected to it, good or bad.

Tags: Bad, Experience, Good

I don't like the word 'experiment' in the context of art in general. It implies something immature, unfinished, something entertaining for a moment before it becomes irrelevant.

Tags: Art, Immature, Moment
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