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Adam Ant's Profile

Brief about Adam Ant: By info that we know Adam Ant was born at 1954-11-03. And also Adam Ant is British Musician.

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I'm a punk rocker. I don't do Christian.

Tags: Christian, Punk, Rocker

I'm a rock and roll singer.

Tags: Rock, Roll, Singer

I've been told I sold 110m albums and singles. If that's the case, I should've come here in a space rocket.

Tags: Here, Rocket, Space

If you make a mistake, you should enjoy it.

Tags: Enjoy, Mistake

It's good to play 100 per cent live - no tricks, no samples, no messing about.

Tags: Good, Messing, Tricks

Men look like pandas when they try and put make-up on.

Tags: Men, Put, Try

People tend to keep their distance.

Tags: Distance, Keep, Tend

Prison's a walk in the park compared with being sectioned, mate, it really is.

Tags: Compared, Prison, Walk

Since the decline of record companies and music sales, I've always played live.

Tags: Music, Played, Since

The brain isn't like the heart. They learned how to transplant a heart. The brain is more complex.

Tags: Brain, Heart, Learned

The touring was crazy, it was a lot of work. But I enjoyed it.

Tags: Crazy, Enjoyed, Work

When you work as hard as you can and as much as you can to make your first album, and you don't make any money, then you change things.

Tags: Change, Money, Work

Antidepressants are very good, but it's a clinical cosh, really. Sometimes you have to be knocked out, just to stop; when you're in that state all you want to do is just sleep, and rest your body and your brain.

Tags: Brain, Good, Sleep

I wanted to make good records. But my problem is I've got a low boredom threshold, so I wanted it to look and sound different with each album, which is really tantamount to suicide, cause people lose it, they lose it - they say: 'I like that, and that's not this.'

Tags: Good, Problem, Wanted

People weren't buying as many records. My record company did not want me. I went through three record companies, went on tour at the wrong time. It destroyed me.

Tags: Three, Time, Wrong

When I was on a major label I felt obliged to say yes to every interview, tour and whatever else. The label is always telling you, 'This ain't going to last,' so I worked myself half to death. I learnt from that and I like to pace myself now.

Tags: Death, Else, Whatever

Mental health needs a great deal of attention. It's the final taboo and it needs to be faced and dealt with.

Tags: Attention, Great, Health

Depression is something that doesn't just go away. It's just... there and you deal with it. It's like... malaria or something. Maybe it won't be cured, but you've got to take the medication you're prescribed, and you stay out of situations that are going to trigger it.

Tags: Away, Depression, Won

Creative people are more prone to depression.

Tags: Creative, Depression, Prone

Achievement results from work realizing ambition.

Tags: Ambition, Results, Work
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