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Marc Anthony's Profile

Brief about Marc Anthony: By info that we know Marc Anthony was born at 1969-09-16. And also Marc Anthony is American Musician.

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If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.

Tags: Life, Love, Work

What you see is what you get. My God, I don't have the time nor the energy to live up to some persona.

Tags: Energy, God, Time

Fame is addictive. Money is addictive. Attention is addictive. But golf is second to none.

Tags: Attention, Golf, Money

First you date the songs, and then you get engaged and then you marry them. They have to stand the test of time, because they are going to be yours for the next 20, 30, 40 years. So you had better choose right.

Tags: Next, Stand, Time

Be quiet, or my wife will take away your first born and make him or her work in one of her sweatshops!

Tags: Him, Wife, Work

Celebrity watching and speculation is almost like a sport.

Tags: Almost, Celebrity, Watching

I just want to sing, I want to work on my music, I want to make my movies, that's all I want to do.

Tags: Movies, Music, Work

I say it every day - I'm the luckiest man on earth.

Tags: Earth, Luckiest

I think in general I've never dared compose in Spanish. First of all, it is such an intricate language.

Tags: General, Language, Spanish

I'm a huge sports fan.

Tags: Fan, Huge, Sports

I'm not a salsa singer who wants to sing in English, and I'm not this American kid who wants to sing Spanish.

Tags: American, Kid, Wants

I'm not a traditional sonero, at least not in the way they want me to be, I'm an interpreter, and I reach people in a different level.

Tags: Level, Reach

'Livin' la Vida Loca' is not Latin music. It does not represent Latin music.

Tags: La, Music, Represent

My mum always told me 95 per cent of success was partnering well.

Tags: Cent, Mum, Success

My thing is music, period.

Tags: Music, Period

What Jennifer Lopez puts out, it's not Latin music.

Tags: Jennifer, Latin, Music

Being Puerto Rican, born and raised on the streets of New York, you go, 'Wow, you're still friends with your ex, man? Really? That's weird.' I don't play that.

Tags: Born, Friends, Weird

I come from a pop background, but I'm also a Puerto Rican and I do feel this music. My approach to salsa is a humble one, and I defy anybody to prove that I'm faking it.

Tags: Anybody, Humble, Music

These opportunities don't come around too often. It's quite an honor and a privilege to be able to sit here today saying that I'm a part-owner of an NFL team.

Tags: Saying, Team, Today

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