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Aida Turturro's Profile

Brief about Aida Turturro: By info that we know Aida Turturro was born at 1962-09-25. And also Aida Turturro is American Actress.

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I don't look at her like she's a bad girl. She just misunderstood sometime, she's a little troubled, she's a little dysfunctional. She's a survivor.

Tags: Bad, Girl, Her

I was born and raised in New York, but my family on both sides is of Italian descent.

Tags: Born, Both, Family

I'm the worst person about publicizing myself.

Tags: Worst

It's nice when people approach you to help.

Tags: Approach, Help, Nice

There are some people who're all doctors. Is it genetic?

Tags: Doctors, Genetic

Well, I came the second year. I mean I just fit right in. They wrote a great person and I'm so lucky that I got to be part of the family.

Tags: Family, Great, Mean

When I made my Broadway debut, I was still cleaning houses, something I'd done since I went out on my own at 15.

Tags: Cleaning, Done, Since

I think people should be proud of the work they do, whatever it is. I have this other arty side that loves creating homes. I can be happy going to the hardware store.

Tags: Happy, Proud, Work

I think that training is important. I think you need to learn as much as you can learn. I would say that it's important and probably crucial, but I wouldn't say that everyone has to have it.

Tags: Everyone, Learn, Training

I went to a college in New York called New Paltz. I studied theater there for four years. I also studied privately in NYC with a teacher named Robert X. Modica.

Tags: College, Four, Teacher
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