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Al D'Amato's Profile

Brief about Al D'Amato: By info that we know Al D'Amato was born at 1937-08-01. And also Al D'Amato is American Politician.

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We've got to win this battle, and we will. We have to win the peace.

Tags: Battle, Peace, Win

As an Italian-American, I have a special responsibility to be sensitive to ethnic stereotypes.

Tags: Ethnic, Sensitive, Special

The fact is that the economy is really posed for the kind of recovery that people can see and understand.

Tags: Economy, Fact, Understand

Those allies who failed to join us will regret it. They're making a mistake.

Tags: Making, Mistake, Regret

No. 1, Halliburton. Certainly, if they've overcharged they should be whacked and whacked good, but the idea that the vice president somehow is involved in this, whether they got contracts because of him, that's nonsense.

Tags: Good, Him, Idea

Now the fact that terrorists throughout the world see this as an opportunity to defeat the United States, we have to be - and every Democratic candidate, even those who opposed us going in, now say we just simply can't cut and run.

Tags: Defeat, Fact, Run

You have to go to where you can make money, and you see in the service area, in the technological area, those are the areas where we're going to create jobs.

Tags: Create, Money, Service

Never stop learning; knowledge doubles every fourteen months.

Tags: Knowledge, Learning, Stop

Promise yourself to live your life as a revolution and not just a process of evolution.

Tags: Life, Revolution, Yourself

Transcend political correctness and strive for human righteousness.

Tags: Human, Political, Strive

You must first get along with yourself before you can get along with others.

Tags: Along, Others, Yourself

Build your reputation by helping other people build theirs.

Tags: Build, Helping, Reputation

If you believe that discrimination exists, it will.

Tags: Exists

Reality doesn't bite, rather our perception of reality bites.

Tags: Perception, Rather, Reality

The most important things in life aren't things.

Tags: Life

Become a fixer, not just a fixture.

Tags: Become, Fixer

If life doesn't offer a game worth playing, then invent a new one.

Tags: Game, Life, Worth

If you have a vision, do something with it.

Tags: Vision

Learn not only to find what you like, learn to like what you find.

Tags: Learn

Promise a lot and give even more.

Tags: Give, Promise
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