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Amos Lee's Profile

Brief about Amos Lee: By info that we know Amos Lee was born at 1977-06-22. And also Amos Lee is American Musician.

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Every time I write a song I feel really lucky and kind of surprised. Not surprised that I wrote it, but just surprised that things exist that you don't know about.

Tags: Song, Time, Write

I love when people are coming up and they're working hard and you can see that they're really focused on the process to their music. I really dig that. As a musician, it's nice to see people who really care about the process.

Tags: Love, Music, Nice

The cool thing about being a songwriter, or a writer, I guess, in general, you can take on a lot of different things, experience a lot of different things, just by writing about them.

Tags: Cool, Experience, Writing

There's nothing but spirit in music. That's all it is. Yeah, there's a lot of intellectual elements to it, but no matter how you approach it, it's all spirit.

Tags: Matter, Music, Spirit

Understanding where your food comes from, trying to bolster local farmers and local economies and having a better connection to the food around you and the people around you, only good can come of that. I love to be involved with things like that.

Tags: Food, Good, Love

You never really get a chance to sit down with the people you love, unless you really make an effort to do it. It doesn't just happen naturally anymore.

Tags: Chance, Happen, Love

I think most of the time when people have big disagreements and big misunderstandings, when time lessens that blow it creates a deeper understanding for both people.

Tags: Big, Both, Time

I like down-to-earth people.

Tags: Father, Love, Mother

Country artists have advantages all over the place. The radio support is incredible. The fanbase is rabid, all over.

Tags: Country, Place, Support

Genre, to me, is not all that important, and it never has been.

Tags: Genre

I can relate to soul, R&B... whatever people want to call me is fine. I just hope it makes them feel something.

Tags: Hope, Soul, Whatever

I do not go on my Wikipedia page. There's just too much weird information on there for me to pick apart.

Tags: Apart, Pick, Weird

I don't know anyone who is a writer who isn't influenced by the relationships in their life.

Tags: Anyone, Life, Writer

I don't know anything about music theory at all. Zero. But I don't really need to.

Tags: Music, Theory, Zero

I don't really hang out with a lot of celebrities.

Tags: Hang

I don't really know that there's any real rules for songwriting.

Tags: Real, Rules

I don't really know what 'folk music' means anymore.

Tags: Anymore, Means, Music

I live a pretty anonymous life.

Tags: Anonymous, Life, Pretty

I love vinyl, man.

Tags: Love, Vinyl

I love what I do, so I don't mind working.

Tags: Love, Mind, Working

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