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Coco Lee's Profile

Brief about Coco Lee: By info that we know Coco Lee was born at 1975-01-17. And also Coco Lee is Chinese Musician.

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People have to respect intellectual property.

Tags: Property, Respect

I love to prove people wrong. They expect I'll sound a certain way when they see me, then they hear me and they can't believe it. I love that.

Tags: Expect, Love, Wrong

I myself never feel that I'm sexy. If people call me cute, I am happier.

Tags: Call, Cute, Sexy

I wanted to bring the R&B flavor and other Westernized sounds to my music, because that's the type of music I grew up listening to.

Tags: Bring, Music, Wanted

I was bred and raised in a multi-cultural music background.

Tags: Background, Bred, Music

I'm proud of my roots. There are not many Asians in the music industry so it's important for me to tell people where I'm from.

Tags: Music, Proud, Tell

I'm sporty, active, bubbly, I like to make people laugh... I'm the jokester. But I'm also very traditional.

Tags: Active, Laugh

I'm still a, you know, a silly girl... a big kid.

Tags: Big, Girl, Silly

My mom was very strict when I was growing up. I could not talk to boys until I was 18. I had to study and work hard.

Tags: Hard, Mom, Work

They really can't imagine what my voice is like. Every time I sing a song, they are very surprised.

Tags: Song, Time, Voice

When I work, I work. I don't think about anything else. I just wanna get the work done. And I'm a perfectionist.

Tags: Done, Else, Work

I'm not a businessperson. I have no sense of money. My mom does everything for me. She makes all my decisions for me, and even buys my clothes. She's very protective.

Tags: Mom, Money, Sense