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Annie Dillard's Profile

Brief about Annie Dillard: By info that we know Annie Dillard was born at 1945-04-30. And also Annie Dillard is American Author.

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How can people think that artists seek a name? There is no such thing as an artist - only the world, lit or unlit, as the world allows.

Tags: Artist, Artists, Name

I can't dance anymore. Total knee replacements. I can't do anything anymore.

Tags: Anymore, Dance, Total

I woke in bits, like all children, piecemeal over the years. I discovered myself and the world, and forgot them, and discovered them again.

Tags: Again, Children, Woke

I worked so hard all my life, and all I want to do now is read.

Tags: Hard, Life, Read

If you're going to publish a book, you probably are going to make a fool of yourself.

Tags: Book, Fool, Yourself

It's a little silly to finally learn how to write at this age. But I long ago realized I was secretly sincere.

Tags: Age, Learn, Write

Matters of taste are not, it turns out, moral issues.

Tags: Issues, Matters, Moral

Much has been written about the life of the mind.

Tags: Life, Mind, Written

Our family was on the lunatic fringe. My mother was always completely irrepressible. My father made crowd noises into a microphone.

Tags: Family, Father, Mother

The mind of the writer does indeed do something before it dies, and so does its owner, but I would be hard put to call it living.

Tags: Hard, Living, Mind

The Pulitzer is more useful than meaningful.

Tags: Meaningful, Pulitzer, Useful

The writer studies literature, not the world.

Tags: Literature, Studies, Writer

The writer studies literature, not the world. He is careful of what he reads, for that is what he will write.

Tags: Literature, Write, Writer

When I teach, I preach. I thump the Bible. I exhort my students morally. I talk to them about the dedicated life.

Tags: Bible, Life, Talk

Write about winter in the summer.

Tags: Summer, Winter, Write

Write as if you were dying.

Tags: Dying, Write

You can't test courage cautiously.

Tags: Courage, Test

There is a certain age at which a child looks at you in all earnestness and delivers a long, pleased speech in all the true inflections of spoken English, but with not one recognizable syllable.

Tags: Age, Child, True

I noticed this process of waking, and predicted with terrifying logic that one of these years not far away I would be awake continuously and never slip back, and never be free of myself again.

Tags: Again, Away, Free

People love pretty much the same things best. A writer looking for subjects inquires not after what he loves best, but after what he alone loves at all.

Tags: Alone, Best, Love
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