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Antonio Gaudi's Profile

Brief about Antonio Gaudi: By info that we know Antonio Gaudi was born at 1970-01-01. And also Antonio Gaudi is Spanish Architect.

Some Antonio Gaudi's quotes. Goto "Antonio Gaudi's quotation" section for more.

Those who look for the laws of Nature as a support for their new works collaborate with the creator.

Tags: Architecture, Nature, Support

Because of this, originality consists in returning to the origin.

Tags: Consists, Origin, Returning

The creation continues incessantly through the media of man.

Tags: Continues, Creation, Media

Color in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic.

Tags: Architecture, Great, Making

Copiers do not collaborate.

Tags: Great, Human, Nature

In the Sagrada Familia, everything is providential.

Tags: Art, Nature

There are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature. Therefore, buildings must have no straight lines or sharp corners.

Tags: Lines, Nature, Straight

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