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Azealia Banks's Profile

Brief about Azealia Banks: By info that we know Azealia Banks was born at 1991-05-31. And also Azealia Banks is American Musician.

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I don't live on other people's terms.

Tags: Terms

I don't want to talk about Nicki Minaj anymore.

Tags: Anymore, Talk

I'm also not going to explain something just because I said it in a rap. Take what you want from it.

Tags: Explain, Rap, Said

I've been making music for a while. And I could read about myself on the Internet for a while.

Tags: Making, Music, While

Life is the same. It would be the same thing if I were still working at Starbucks, having to deal with a manager, and a shift manager. This is a job.

Tags: Job, Life, Working

Nowadays when I walk around, I get noticed, which is kind of weird.

Tags: Noticed, Walk, Weird

The beats are like scripts, and the raps are my monologue.

Tags: Beats, Monologue, Scripts

When I rap, it's just an extension of how I speak, and that's how I talk. If you don't like it, don't listen.

Tags: Listen, Speak, Talk
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