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Bill Sienkiewicz's Profile

Brief about Bill Sienkiewicz: By info that we know Bill Sienkiewicz was born at 1958-05-03. And also Bill Sienkiewicz is American Artist.

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There is a whole generation of people who are going to see movies or watch TV who don't want to work.

Tags: Movies, Whole, Work

To me, the technique was almost irrelevant; it was what was coming across.

Tags: Almost, Coming, Technique

You're telling the story, creating the sets, doing the lighting, the designing, and establishing the pace.

Tags: Creating, Story, Telling

But I'm aware of the fact that I'm working in a commercial venue where I'm producing something that I wouldn't normally be approaching the way I'm doing it.

Tags: Aware, Fact, Working

Do the story in the way it really demands to be done, which may mean using several different styles or only one style; but it's still about respecting the story.

Tags: Done, May, Mean

It's interesting, because in the corporate stuff there's a dichotomy there, depending on the creator. Even what, in essence, may be a very safe corporate approach, there is some stuff that is allowed to be pushed.

Tags: May, Safe, Stuff

Like Godfather, you look at a movie like that, or something that James Gray has directed, a film with minimal or pin lighting as opposed to everything being lit bright and flat, where everything is evident.

Tags: Bright, Film, Movie

One of the problems I have with a lot of movies these days is that everything is too well lit. In the world of digital creations there is a tendency to show too much.

Tags: Movies, Problems, Show

People who can pull you in and take you on a journey, as opposed to simply adding flash. Again, that feels very clinical, and I don't respond to that the way I used to.

Tags: Again, Journey, Used

So I look at a lot of stuff now that I did and some of it looks tame to me, but my interest in terms of what I want to say with it is a little different.

Tags: Interest, Looks, Stuff

To me, that's one of the things that I love about doing this stuff. One day I can work on this piece in watercolor, and then work on something else on the computer, or work on something else that's a completely different approach.

Tags: Else, Love, Work

After that I jumped, especially being in art school, to the illustrators.

Tags: After, Art, School

And I've never viewed comics as assignments for the client.

Tags: Client, Comics

And that, to me, is the main attraction to comics. It's an avenue to say what you want to say.

Tags: Attraction, Comics, Main

But if I really want to produce my own work and tell stories, then I will.

Tags: Stories, Tell, Work

But there's still an avenue for smaller comics and personal expression.

Tags: Comics, Expression, Personal

But with comics you're reading and assimilating an image simultaneously, instead of just reading or watching the tube.

Tags: Image, Reading, Watching

Cartooning is an honorable thing.

Tags: Cartooning, Honorable

Comics are really my life blood in a lot of respects.

Tags: Blood, Life, Respects

Especially with Elektra, because I'm doing a lot of the covers for the new version of Elektra.

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