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Bob Ross's Profile

Brief about Bob Ross: By info that we know Bob Ross was born at 1942-10-29. And also Bob Ross is American Artist.

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I believe, I believe every day is a good day when you paint.

Tags: Good, Paint

I don't intimidate anyone.

Tags: Anyone, Intimidate

I never turn down requests for interviews. I'm just rarely asked.

Tags: Asked, Rarely, Turn

I really believe that if you practice enough you could paint the 'Mona Lisa' with a two-inch brush.

Tags: Enough, Paint, Practice

I stay hidden. I'm sort of hard to find.

Tags: Hard, Hidden, Stay

If I paint something, I don't want to have to explain what it is.

Tags: Explain, Paint

Most painters want recognition, especially by their peers.

Tags: Painters, Peers

There are thousands of very, very talented artists who will never be known, even after they are dead.

Tags: After, Artists, Dead

Traditionally, art has been for the select few.

Tags: Art, Few, Select
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