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Bruce Hornsby's Profile

Brief about Bruce Hornsby: By info that we know Bruce Hornsby was born at 1954-11-23. And also Bruce Hornsby is American Musician.

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I feel like what I owe my audience is what I'm most passionate about.

Tags: Audience, Owe, Passionate

I felt it was time for there to be a document of what we sound like now.

Tags: Felt, Sound, Time

I guess after you've been doing something for 20 plus years, you have to work to stay interested.

Tags: After, Stay, Work

I'm a kid for a living: I get to play the piano for a living.

Tags: Kid, Living, Piano

No, I do it all, but I do love to play solo.

Tags: Love, Solo

When I wrote the song, The Way It Is, I wanted to move people to take a stand on civil rights in this country.

Tags: Country, Song, Wanted

Our approach makes it so if you hear a said song of ours in 2003 and then you hear it again in 2009 it's probably evolved and changed a good bit, and hopefully for the better.

Tags: Again, Good, Said

People were talking while I was playing, so I got up and left the stage. I've gotten to the point where I'm not really very patient with patrons rapping during the show. And the people were all nice and quiet when I cam back.

Tags: Nice, Show, While

That person who's going to a concert for a nostalgic reason, we're not really going to placate. We still play three or four hits every night. Now, we don't play them like the record. We try to find new ways to do it.

Tags: Night, Reason, Try

When I have the time at home, I'll practice three or four hours a day. I have to. And I'm a late starter; I started at age 17 and at age 51 I'm still learning.

Tags: Age, Home, Time

While housing discrimination and segregation in 2005 still affect millions of people, that's not the way it has to be. Some things can change and should.

Tags: Change, Millions, While

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