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Carson Daly's Profile

Brief about Carson Daly: By info that we know Carson Daly was born at 1973-06-22. And also Carson Daly is American Entertainer.

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Maybe it's because One Direction was just on 'SNL,' or because I'm playing The Wanted on my Top 40 show, but in terms of boy bands, we're seeing this resurgence, and it's happening, whether you like it or not!

Tags: Playing, Show, Wanted

My girlfriend Siri is a food blogger, and we both love to entertain and eat. This is what happens when you're in your thirties: what was once a passion and real appetite for nightlife in New York City manifests itself into other things, like entertaining at home.

Tags: Food, Home, Love

When I was a freshman in high school, I got a letterman jacket, which you'd think would be great stock. The jacket had the big S on it, for Santa Monica. But rather than having a football or a baseball on the S, I had a little nine iron. Girls thought it was a flute.

Tags: Football, Great, School

When reality television really hit, I just had a backlash towards reality. It seemed like a cheap way to make a product. And then when music reality and 'Idol hit,' I just didn't watch it, it seemed novelty. And of course the story of 'Idol,' this is one of the greatest stories in television history.

Tags: Greatest, History, Music

You know, I'm cursed with morals. I was raised a certain way. I wish I wasn't. I wish I was raised by wolves.

Tags: Morals, Wish, Wolves

I think long-lasting, healthy relationships are more important than the idea of marriage. At the root of every successful marriage is a strong partnership.

Tags: Marriage, Strong, Successful

It's hard to be a breakout show and stay on top. We're like the flagship show over here.

Tags: Hard, Here, Show

The one thing I learned the most about acting is it takes a tremendous amount of courage to go there and stand still. It takes courage and guts to step out of your mind frame and depict something.

Tags: Courage, Learned, Mind

A good butcher is important to have. It's like a shrink.

Tags: Butcher, Good, Shrink

Carson is an old family name, though my grandma used to watch Johnny all the time and was crazy about him.

Tags: Crazy, Family, Time

I don't have a sidekick - no Ed McMahon. So when I go out there, I'm lonely. It's scary.

Tags: Lonely, Mcmahon, Scary

I love 'Last Call.' It took me a little bit to figure out that I wasn't going to be that guy in a suit telling monologue jokes.

Tags: Guy, Last, Love

I really like it that they promote from within.

Tags: Promote, Within

I'm developing a record company. I'm learning how to supervise music on a film.

Tags: Film, Learning, Music

Men often think it's the bad boys who get the hot chicks. But I'm living proof that the good guys win.

Tags: Bad, Good, Men

MTV was such a great training for me. I did live interviews with everyone from Michael Jackson to Madonna.

Tags: Everyone, Great, Training

NBC's priorities are Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno, and then there's me.

Tags: Jay, Jimmy, Priorities

No one's on at my time but infomercials.

Tags: Time

The No. 1 question I get from everybody is, 'How did you make it?' I'm like, Don't worry about making it. There is no making it. Just be happy.

Tags: Happy, Making, Worry

The plate tectonics of media have shifted where NBC had to become a new media company from an old media company.

Tags: Become, Company, Old
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