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Charles Fleischer's Profile

Brief about Charles Fleischer: By info that we know Charles Fleischer was born at 1950-08-27. And also Charles Fleischer is American Actor.

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A dream project is anything I do when I'm awake.

Tags: Awake, Dream, Project

When you are an artist, you want your audience to think it's effortless and easy.

Tags: Artist, Audience, Easy

I'm a big technology individual. I love science and technology, and anything that has to do with capturing events so that they can be experienced later.

Tags: Love, Science, Technology

I'm a huge fan of animation, and just the arts in general - anything that emanates from someone's mind and soul and is capable of touching other people's minds and souls.

Tags: Mind, Someone, Soul

In addition to my comedic sensibilities, I also have a love of science. I think that it would be nice if, by the time we're doing the next version of 'Roger Rabbit,' it would be nice if I was receiving my Nobel prize the same week.

Tags: Love, Science, Time

Robert Zemeckis is a genius filmmaker who is an amazing individual. I feel really blessed that I've gotten to work with him on many different occasions.

Tags: Amazing, Blessed, Work

Unlike other voice-over situations which are done in a recording studio, Roger Rabbit was live action and animation combined, and there was a time factor, so my voice was recorded live on the set. So I'm on the set rehearsing and recording my voice as a performance with the other actors, and they're all wearing costumes, and it made sense to me.

Tags: Done, Sense, Time

When you do a movie, you go to the location and get into your costume. It's part of your metamorphosis into your character, and it just made sense to do it.

Tags: Character, Movie, Sense
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