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Claudia Cardinale's Profile

Brief about Claudia Cardinale: By info that we know Claudia Cardinale was born at 1938-04-15. And also Claudia Cardinale is Italian Actress.

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And also, Sergio Leone was considered in Italy a director of category B, not a big director.

Tags: Big, Director, Italy

And I had a big opportunity with Richard Brooks, The Professionals, which is really a magnificent movie.

Tags: Big, Brooks, Movie

But Sergio Leone invented totally the way of, you know, the details, the eyes, the hands - fantastic.

Tags: Eyes, Fantastic, Hands

But to do this kind of work, you have to be very strong, otherwise you lose your personality, your identity.

Tags: Lose, Strong, Work

But we did the Pink Panther not in Hollywood, in Italy.

Tags: Hollywood, Italy, Pink

It's fantastic because I've been living thousands of lives, not only my life.

Tags: Life, Lives, Living

Many other movies, but for me The Professionals is the best I did in Hollywood.

Tags: Best, Hollywood, Movies

Yes, they wanted me to sign a contract of exclusivity, and I refused.

Tags: Sign, Wanted, Yes

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