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Collin C. Peterson's Profile

Brief about Collin C. Peterson: By info that we know Collin C. Peterson was born at 1944-06-29. And also Collin C. Peterson is American Politician.

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It's time for us to keep better track of our livestock as they cross borders.

Tags: Cross, Keep, Time

I am personally saddened and stunned by the tragic events that took place in Red Lake.

Tags: Events, Place, Took

I've tried to maintain my independence in Congress. Sometimes that has meant opposing my own party leaders.

Tags: Congress, Leaders, Sometimes

It appears to me that no one has learned a thing; that Wall Street is still operating as if 2008 never happened.

Tags: Happened, Learned, Street

The use of methamphetamines has become pervasive in our country, and especially in rural areas.

Tags: Become, Country, Rural

I think we are starting to get some information that will allow us to get to the bottom of this, and I hope we continue to work on this until we get to the bottom of it.

Tags: Hope, Until, Work

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