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Donald Fagen's Profile

Brief about Donald Fagen: By info that we know Donald Fagen was born at 1948-01-10. And also Donald Fagen is American Musician.

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When you get a groove going, time flies.

Tags: Flies, Groove, Time

I had trouble distinguishing art from life. I don't now, and I feel much better!

Tags: Art, Life, Trouble

People are usually afraid to say what's on their mind.

Tags: Afraid, Mind

What do you do with what you're given, and how do you transform it into something worthwhile?

Tags: Transform, Worthwhile

I have a critical nature, in the sense that when I look at something I often look for the flaws.

Tags: Nature, Often, Sense

I like it when songs develop in some way. Four minutes usually isn't enough time for something to develop musically.

Tags: Enough, Songs, Time

We're not getting any younger.

Tags: Getting, Younger
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