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Doris Lessing's Profile

Brief about Doris Lessing: By info that we know Doris Lessing was born at 1919-10-22. And also Doris Lessing is English Writer.

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As soon as I got the Nobel Prize my back collapsed and I was in hospital.

Tags: Hospital, Prize, Soon

Everything all the time in a city is extraordinary!

Tags: City, Time

God knows why nobody ever learns from the preceding generation - but they don't.

Tags: God, Knows, Why

I always hated Tony Blair, from the beginning.

Tags: Beginning, Blair, Hated

I am always being described as having views that I've never had in my life.

Tags: Life, Views

I am your original autodidact.

Tags: Original

I do have a sense, and I've never not had it, of how easily things can vanish.

Tags: Easily, Sense, Vanish

I don't think in terms of optimism and pessimism when writing a story. I am telling a story.

Tags: Optimism, Story, Writing

I don't think that the feminist movement has done much for the characters of women.

Tags: Done, Movement, Women

I hate Iran. I hate the Iranian government. It's a cruel and evil government.

Tags: Evil, Government, Hate

I have a daughter and two grand-daughters and a great grandson in Africa, in Cape Town.

Tags: Africa, Daughter, Great

I have ideas that I will probably never write now.

Tags: Ideas, Write

I haven't got the energy to write now.

Tags: Energy, Write

I never thought of London in terms of possible heroes - of course, there are thousands. It's a very talented city.

Tags: City, Possible, Thought

I think a lot of romanticizing has gone on with the women's movement.

Tags: Gone, Movement, Women

I think kids ought to travel. I think it's very good to carry kids around. It's good for them. Of course it's tough on the parents.

Tags: Good, Parents, Travel

I thought that would go without saying, that if a mother gives up her children, it's very painful.

Tags: Children, Mother, Saying

I wanted to highlight that whole dreadful process in book publishing that 'nothing succeeds like success.'

Tags: Book, Success, Wanted

I wanted to write about my mother as she should have been if she had not been messed up by World War I.

Tags: Mother, Wanted, War

I was a nursemaid. And it was pretty boring.

Tags: Boring, Pretty
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