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Eric Rohmer's Profile

Brief about Eric Rohmer: By info that we know Eric Rohmer was born at 1920-03-20. And also Eric Rohmer is French Director.

Some Eric Rohmer's quotes. Goto "Eric Rohmer's quotation" section for more.

I don't owe my success to state subsidies but to a faithful public which has sustained me.

Tags: Faithful, State, Success

I don't think that my films are 'literary'; they are based on the most ordinary things of life.

Tags: Based, Films, Life

I think that high art reposes on popular art, without one there cannot be another.

Tags: Another, Art, Cannot

The French are very individualistic.

Tags: French

The French don't seek out alliances except when there are difficulties.

Tags: Except, French, Seek

Western civilization shapes the content of my films, provides me with subjects that haven't been used before.

Tags: Content, Films, Used

You have to know how to go against the trend of the times.

Tags: Against, Times, Trend

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