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Todd Rokita's Profile

Brief about Todd Rokita: By info that we know Todd Rokita was born at 1970-02-09. And also Todd Rokita is American Politician.

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I am looking forward to learning at the knee of Paul Ryan. He doesn't strike me as a politician. He strikes me as an economist.

Tags: Forward, Learning, Looking

I hope I don't have to buck the system. But if it requires bucking, I will do it.

Tags: Buck, Hope, System

You can't tell me that all the wars we are fighting are in America's national security interest.

Tags: America, Fighting, Tell

I don't know anything more piggish - I don't know anything more un-American than saying, 'Oh, I'm worried about my own little handout or my own little program or my own little economy and we'll kick this can down the road and let some future generation deal with it.'

Tags: Future, Road, Saying

The economy is terrible it's been terrible for years now, and the reason it's bad is not because of a debt-ceiling vote. The reason it's bad is because we have people who believe that by making government bigger by keeping people on unemployment checks and on welfare we're going to dig us out of this mess.

Tags: Bad, Government, Reason

We have revenue coming in. We can pay our interest payments. And then we can prioritize what government programs that have been given to the American people that are unsustainable promises that have been made by reckless politicians that can't possibly be sustained. We can determine which one of those if any we need to keep.

Tags: American, Government, Keep

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