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Frank Cady's Profile

Brief about Frank Cady: By info that we know Frank Cady was born at 1915-09-08. And also Frank Cady is American Actor.

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If you hang around long enough to show these people what you can do, you have a chance in this acting business.

Tags: Acting, Business, Enough

At 24, my head was as shiny as a cue ball on a billiard table. I naturally thought this meant curtains. Actually, I found it helped. When I was too young to play real character parts, they mistook me for older because of the bald noggin. I got juicy roles right from the start.

Tags: Character, Real, Thought

It's fear of being afraid that frightens me more than anything else.

Tags: Afraid, Else, Fear

It is a wise man who knows where courage ends and stupidity begins.

Tags: Courage, Stupidity, Wise

Fear has nothing to do with cowardice. A fellow is only yellow when he lets his fear make him quit.

Tags: Fear, Him, Quit

The Japanese do not fear God. They only fear bombs.

Tags: Fear, God, Japanese
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