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Frank Lautenberg's Profile

Brief about Frank Lautenberg: By info that we know Frank Lautenberg was born at 1924-01-23. And also Frank Lautenberg is American Politician.

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One thing I have learned in my time in politics is that if one of the parties is shameless, the other party cannot afford to be spineless.

Tags: Learned, Politics, Time

I say I don't need a tax cut. It will not do me any more good. I can't buy more, I can't eat more, I can't do more, and I want it distributed among the ordinary people who work every day.

Tags: Good, Tax, Work

I ask the vice president to stop dodging the issue with legalese, and acknowledge his continued ties with Halliburton to the American people.

Tags: American, President, Stop

Municipal networks expand economic opportunities. We've got to open new doors, not slam them shut.

Tags: Economic, Open, Shut

Should those whose actions lead to the death or injury of a child get a free pass?

Tags: Child, Death, Free

Anybody who has ever been in business, anybody who has ever paid bills, anybody who has ever lived in a serious adult life knows that indebtedness is a killer.

Tags: Business, Life, Serious

I had hoped to hear the President tonight tell the Congress and the American people exactly how he plans to tackle some of the important issues facing this country, unfortunately I did not.

Tags: American, Country, Tell

People at .08 are too impaired to drive. Studies show that at .08, the ability to perform critical driving functions is decreased by as much as 60 percent.

Tags: Ability, Drive, Show

The President should spend his time going after the terrorists rather than sharing sensitive counter terrorism information with countries that sponsor terrorism.

Tags: After, Rather, Time
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